EDITORIAL:Zoning protection

The magnetizing effect of economic opportunity apparently is pulling Tippah County toward some kind of countywide zoning that would offer legal assurances and protection for potential industrial and other commercial investors.

Nothing has been enacted, but the Tippah County Board of Supervisors is looking at what other counties are doing and have done to enhance investment prospects.

Tippah, like other counties in Northeast Mississippi, sees potential for jobs growth related to Toyota's assembly plant under construction near Blue Springs. Blue Springs is a hop, skip and a jump from southern Tippah County.

Appropriate zoning and codes could enhance prospects for a full range of new investments, expanding job opportunities, growing tax bases, rising standards of living, and strengthening qualities life in all counties regionwide.

All Northeast Mississippi counties should closely examine zoning, looking at it as an opening for greater development rather than a restriction on individual rights. Zoning and codes provide protection for property values, even enhance it in many cases, and guide growth in appropriate patterns.

Tippah County has taken the logical step of adopting a flood plain ordinance to define where property is insurable under federal flood insurance rules. Many cities and counties have had flood plain ordinances in place for a long time, and they work in minimizing preventable property damage.

The pressure of growth needs controls, and zoning is the proven, successful method.

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