ERROL CASTENS: Codgertations: odd, obvious and otherwise

Surprisingly, the Book of Church Order has very little to do with securing new supplies of coffee, paper towels and communion cups.

• Remember when thrift was more than the name of a flower?

• If I’d been born into the Wiseman or Goodman families, that Tennessee judge would have changed my name, too.

• Playing the piano in public doesn’t allow for editing. That’s why I prefer banging on a keyboard that has letters, numbers and symbols on it.

• Colleague John Pitts said of that first cool morning this week, “I overslept and woke up in October.”

• Chip said he knows a cowgirl whose specialty is breaking young female horses for riding. Said the lady’s job title is filibuster.

• Reason No. 397 for gardening is this quote from “Going hungry ain’t much of a plan.”

• Crossbow season opens in 46 days. I look forward to putting last year’s pea crop in the freezer.

• Cardstock: What shareholders of Hallmark own.

• Southern deer hunters give a whole new meaning to the lyrics of that old minstrel song – “In Dixieland I’ll take my stand … .”

• Yes, Virginia, there is another term for “thesaurus.” It’s J.I. Rodale’s book, “The Synonym Finder.”

• What this country needs is another George Washington. What my wallet needs is more Ben Franklins.

• The book “Hell Under Fire” discusses the decline of preaching about damnation. Also, the play on words that constitutes its title is the very definition of eternal pun-ishment.

• Baptist Memorial Health Care System missed a great marketing opportunity years ago when they failed to locate their Southaven hospital on Getwell Road.

• My doctor said he likes his work best when it offers new facts to discover and new puzzles to solve. Not to be uncharitable, but I like his work best when he’s bored to death.

• “Lost in Space”: How a longtime New Yorker feels when he sells his million-dollar Manhattan closet and buys a $100,000 Mississippi farmhouse.

• Here’s my definition of term limits: Those who do not understand the terms “We the People,” “shall not be infringed,” “probable cause” and “the powers not delegated to the United States,” among others, must be limited to the Capiton galleries.

• It’s hard to strike a balance between fully enjoying your college football team’s wins and not letting a game played by 19-year-olds leave you depressed for five days when they lose.

• The last sentence of the Declaration of Independence must have been written in a foreign language. Who even knows these days what “divine Providence” and “sacred Honor” mean?

• If I can someday organize all the books I have on how to get organized, they will have been worth their cost.

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    And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.