ERROL CASTENS: DC Vote attack ad on Childers is sham-ful

By Errol Castens/NEMS Daily Journal

As a fan of personal and collective liberty, I relate to District of Columbia citizens’ quest to have a voice in their own governance.
Washington, however, as the city that can’t keep itself from electing corruption specialist Marion Barry, is one of the few places that can manage to make Mississippi look good by a host of measures political and social.
More to the point, there’s that little issue of Article I, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution, which assigns to Congress the duty “to exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever” over the District.
DC Vote, a supposed grassroots organization that paints a populist smiley face on the D.C. council, ran an ad in several Northeast Mississippi papers this week, including the Daily Journal, to lambaste Congressman Travis Childers, D-Miss., for “playing mayor of DC.”
The ad was intentionally short on specifics, but what they’re mad about is Childers’ sponsoring a bill to restore more Second Amendment rights to D.C. residents.
H.R. 5162 would forbid the D.C. government to “prohibit or constructively prohibit” law-abiding D.C. citizens from buying and keeping operable firearms with which they could defend themselves. It would, among other changes, delete D.C.’s gun registration requirement, allow District residents to buy guns from licensed dealers in Virginia and Maryland and lift the ban on semiautomatic firearms, which D.C. officials falsely label “machine guns.”
D.C. Councilmember Michael Brown on Thursday attacked Childers further, lamenting “his pathological need to foist his own backwater opinions about the Second Amendment upon the residents of the District of Columbia.”
If by “backwater” Brown means a place where the violent crime rate is one-fourth that of Washington’s, then Childers’ home town of Booneville may indeed be a backwater.
Brown compared Childers to a “paternal-minded plantation owner.” As if race-baiting weren’t low enough for Brown, he makes himself look even stupider because the assertion applies so clearly to him and others bitterly clinging to their failed social experiment of disarming law-abiding citizens.
By continuing to thwart D.C. residents’ ability to assume the free adult’s right to protect herself and her family, Brown and his cohorts keep their constituents dependent on a government that proves with every day’s headlines that it can’t protect them.
If such deception isn’t “paternal-minded,” nothing is.
What a sham.

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