ERROL CASTENS: Gratitude for kids is specific

It’s the week before Thanksgiving: Do you know where your blessings are?
The kids at Happy House – my wife’s preschool – recognize a host of blessings that you and I might take for granted. Sure, we adults might be thankful for our families and homes, but the 4-year-olds tend to be more specific about the who, what and why of their gratitude.
– Alysa is thankful for her Nana, Mrs. Sue (her teacher and my wife), Mama, Poppy Greg, Daddy, “my Tanka and her mama” and classmates Jace, Olivia, Amanda, Sam, Mary, and Kareem, along with chicken nuggets and Tinker Bell. She adds being thankful for her house “so dinosaurs won’t get us.”
– Like most of us, Alydia starts her list with family – Mommy and Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa, Opa and Oma and Erin. She finds her house a particular blessing “because I have a bowl I can put bananas in.”
– Jace gives thanks for God, his parents and friends, his chinchilla ChiChi, and “the Pilgrims and Indians because they helped each other in a different world.”
– JaTyus gives thanks for Mama and Daddy, Grandma and PawPaw, his house “because I have a floor to vacuum,” his dog and the fact that his mama can buy food. Oh, yes – “and my Sissy for cleaning up the dog room.”
– Kareem is grateful for his home, his brothers, his mom, his father and his sister. “And Frosted Flakes and Bumblebee” (a Transformer toy), he adds, “and the Indians.”
– For Luke, the focuses of his gratitude are grapes, chocolate milk, his mom and dad, his Gran and Pa, his cat, Jude and playing his video games.
– Chuck E. Cheese’s first came to mind for Maddox. Other points of gratitude are his mom and dad, drinks and food.
– Marco said “food and all my drinks, my mama and daddy, my sister and brudder.”
– Her cat Bell leads Olivia’s reasons to be thankful. Also making the list were her dad and mama and granny, Kiki Kangaroo (one of the letter puppets she’s studying at Happy House), turkeys, fish, spaghetti, Bubba (her brother Austin), the ground and meatballs.
– His backpack is Sam’s first source of gratitude, but he also gives thanks for his mom, Pox (his grandfather, also known as Pops), Gaga (his grandmother, whose claim to the name predates the singer’s fame), “my brudders” and “my house so I can play my video games.”

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