ERROL CASTENS: I’m just asking about abortion

By Errol Castens/NEMS Daily Journal

I wish I could understand the pro-abortion mindset. I’ve asked similar questions to the ones below for years, and no one has ever answered them to my satisfaction. (With one or two slight exceptions, no one has even tried.) Here, a day before the 38th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, let’s ask again:
– If it really is about “choice,” why doesn’t the abortion industry spend as much effort promoting the choice of adoption as promoting the choice of abortion?
– If abortion is intrinsically about women’s rights, where are the pro-abortion voices speaking out on a woman’s right not to be coerced by an inconvenienced boyfriend, embarrassed parents or a politically motivated teacher into aborting her baby?
– Why do some pro-abortion groups insist that pro-life people only care about fetuses, not women or children, when pro-life volunteers and groups routinely give material and financial help for pregnant women, new mothers and their babies? (They should meet my friends Reed and Dee Dee and their kids.)
– President Bill Clinton said abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.” If abortion is a mere “health procedure” resulting from “personal choice,” why should there be any impetus for making it rare any more than, say, tummy tucks or Lasik eye surgery?
– If there were any real conviction behind the “rare” portion of the mantra, why would there still be more than a million abortions every year in America?
– Some justify abortion by an assertion that no one knows for sure when life begins. Pro-lifers don’t agree, but if abortion advocates aren’t sure, why not err on the side of caution by letting children be born?
– Can a person really be so heartless and soulless that, after receiving the blessing of life him/herself, s/he can turn around and dispassionately call a child in the womb a “parasite”?
– How does the temporary convenience of the mother – a person who, in the vast majority of cases, was a willing participant in the act that resulted in conception – outweigh the only chance at life that the baby will ever have?
– How does the fact that some children are unwanted by their mothers make them worthless enough to the rest of us for us to endorse disposing of them behind closed doors?
– Why is it gross and offensive to display photos of dismembered fetuses but not to do the dismembering?
– Why do abortion proponents change the subject instead of answering most of these questions?
Sorry to be unpleasant. I just had to ask.

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