ERROL CASTENS: Mischief, miscellany abound



Codgertations – some serious, some not – for your consideration:

• Despite their owners’ best efforts, most dogs have a few fleas, but we love dogs enough to put up with a little irritation. I ought to try that approach with people.

• It’s illegal to ride in the back of pickups in Mississippi now, but it wasn’t when I was a kid. That doesn’t make any sense: It was much more common back then to be following a cattle truck than now.

• I witnessed a Christmas miracle the other evening: Despite her enthusiasm for the nonstop airing of Yule-themed movies from early November through late December – not to mention shelffuls of Christmas-movie DVDs and VHS tapes, my wife actually saw a TV ad for a Christmas movie she had never before watched.

• “Futile ‘reforms,’ once established, seem as hard to eliminate as the evils they originally purported to cure.” (Joseph Sobran)

• “To many, [Jesus] was a threat. He still is. We honor him more by acknowledging his explosive presence than by making him a mere symbol of nice manners.” (Joseph Sobran again)

• Miscellany is everywhere. Be careful.

• The real (and opposite) meaning of “Let me be clear,” said habitually for years and always followed by hedging, blame-shifting, disinformation, line blurring, misrepresentation, dodging, fudging, and invisible asterisks, eventually becomes clear to even some previously obtuse devotees.

• A recent article contends that running over a cyclist, unless the driver is inebriated, is often penalty-free because so many drivers, including jurors, see cyclists as nuisances. Anyone who’s that sociopathic has no business driving a car – but some cyclists are so foolhardy as to border on suicidal.

• One of these days somebody’s going to have to stage a tasting to see which wines from France, Italy and California pair well with Vienna sausage, squirrel and chitterlings.

• When the sheep and goats are separated, it won’t be to opposite sides of a football stadium.

• My wife didn’t think it nearly as funny as I did when she asked me to call her mislaid phone so she could find it, and I said in a sing-song voice, “Here, phone! Come on, phone!”

• When Jesus said, “Therefore render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s,” he was talking to people who were already playing Caesar’s game for their own benefit.

• Tried to enter Mississippi’s deer seasons into my phone’s calendar. Stupid spellcheck didn’t even recognize “antlerless” as a word.

• Fall days remind me of the saying attributed to Guillaume Apollinaire: “Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”

Errol Castens is the Daily Journal’s Oxford-area reporter. Contact him at or (662) 816-1282.

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