ERROL CASTENS: Random neuron firings



The world spins, and BBs bounce around in brain cavities: A Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech who earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Tehran was hospitalized earlier this week after an apparent Molotov cocktail ignited in his apartment, according to several news sites. Assuming this guy was a bomb-maker who had an accident (no confirmation of that was evident at the time of this writing), it gives a whole new meaning to the fight song lyrics, “I’m a ramblin’ wreck from Georgia Tech and a heckuva engineer.”

• Sue’s nearly grown kitten is fascinated with running water – toilet, faucet, garden hose or whatever. He crawled under the curtain into the occupied shower one recent cold morning, got soaked and found quickly that curiosity chilled the cat.

• In some circumstances big words are pretentious and in some circumstances necessary, but it’s easier to tell the difference if you know a few big words yourself.

• Another observation, this one combining the previous subjects of felines and vocabulary: Narcissistic hypochondriacs are like cats. Their favorite words are “me” and “ow.”

• Went to Uncle Leon’s funeral this week. He was an exemplary man for whom there wasn’t nearly enough time to tell what deserved telling. By contrast, pity the mourners when the preacher standing over the casket can’t think of anything better than “He was a fun-loving guy” or “She was known as a real character” to try to sanitize a misspent life.

• If term limits are good for the executive branch, why not the legislative and judicial branches, too? Even the best of people are subject to having their perspective and their use of power skewed by being an insider for too long.

• “Criminals have something in common with everyone else – they make decisions based on incentives.” – John R. Lott, “Freedomnomics”

• One would think it’s not that hard, in a state where trees dominate the landscape, to find photo opportunities of people cutting trees within a few miles of any given place. Unfortunately, not that many tree farms are on major highways, and tree-cutting operations are moving targets.

• On a related subject, www.findlatitudeandlongitude is a handy little website if you’re trying to give directions to someone else to a specific tree farm or a place to shoot .50-cals without disturbing too many neighbors.

• A feller-buncher is actually a piece of logging equipment, but it sounds like really tight underwear.

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