ERROL CASTENS: Random thoughts about perceptions



Just enough thoughts to mess with your day:

• Rehash of an observation made during the worst of last summer’s heat: It serves no purpose to complain about the weather – but it’s every bit as pointless to complain about people’s complaining about the weather.

• I thought I was hearing a cardiologist endorsing a local eatery’s fat-laden cuisine the other day until I realized “It’s to die for” was his professional assessment.

• “Radical centrists”: Those who are always convinced that their position on any issue is the definition of reasonable and moderate – and that any that differs is wrong.

• “As long as we think we are not that bad, the idea of grace will never change us.” – Tim Keller

• A related ditch to the one Keller addressed: It’s all too easy to be proud of one’s humility.

• “Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it.” – Joshua Becker

• Seed catalogs are written by professional liars – all vegetables and flowers can’t be as productive and tasty and disease resistant and adapted to multiple climates and easy to grow as they say – but that realization doesn’t keep some of us from succumbing to their siren song.

• As blogger Kayla Lemmons points out, the old saying is wrong: God DOES give us more problems than we can handle – but never more than He can handle.

• One of the most important roles a dad or mom has in the lives of his or her children is choosing their other parent.

Let us teach our kids not to make that choice under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, peer pressure, the hipness/coolness factor, bride’s magazines, laziness or desperation.

• They’re having a crisis in Denmark because the government regulates how much cinnamon bakers can use in cinnamon rolls. In the words of Thaxton’s Pastor Mike, “Claude have mercy.”

• Most of us are happy with building our views about the icky elements of society – criminal justice, poverty, abortion, foreign affairs, economics, energy policy, even food production – from what the popular media and our peers tell us.

• Our deer neighbors’ short annual season for romance coincides with the time when the weather is nastiest, when their food supply is shortest, and when they’re being shot at. Thankful to be human.

• “They” – whoever “they” are – say age only improves wines and cheeses. “They” forgot marriages, friendships, teenagers, kitchen tables and compost.

• When I have grandchildren, I think I’ll help them hammer a railroad spike into a tree so when they have adult problems they can go back to that tree and see that the injured has overcome not only the injury but the injurer as well.

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