ERROL CASTENS: What they want for Christmas…

By Errol Castens/NEMS Daily Journal

The 4-year-olds at Happy House, my wife’s preschool, are hoping Santa brings a real haul.
Sam’s list includes a soccer ball, several Transformer-style toys, a Spiderman and, proving that he thinks about the needs of others, a doggie bone.
Luke wants all there is regarding pigskin pursuits – a football, jerseys, video games – along with ZooZoo pets, Transformers, Legos, crayons and pencils. Because anyone with such good stuff has to look cool, of course, he decided he also needs a pair of sunglasses.
In addition a baby that talks and walks and a monkey that walks (but not talks), Alysa wants a dog that walks. I’m told she means a mechanical dog, so I wonder if she’s going to name it after the Jetsons’ dog, Astro. Oh, and she also wants St. Nick to bring her some fingernail polish and a baby sister.
Alydia wants the Little Mermaid DVD and an Ariel Barbie along with dress-up clothes and stockings. Showing that she’s not all frou-frou, though, she also requested a Spiderman, a rocket, blocks and a calendar – maybe to keep track of Christmas 2011.
JaTyus should have been named Kinetic. Some of his wants include a set of drums (to replace those from last Christmas that didn’t survive through January), guitar, skateboard, basketball and goal, bike and, for when he gets tired, a Mickey Mouse table and chair.
Marco wants a few things for himself – a Transformers video, an Ironman surfboard, boxing gloves and a winter hat and mittens – but many of his requests are on behalf of others. He’s requested a new game for Dad’s iPod, a sewing video for Mom and an Ariel princess doll for sister Jazmyn. Apparently he’s convinced little brother has most of what he should want: Marco asks only for a chocolate chip cookie for Diego.
Ethan needs a gun, he thinks, and a 4-wheeler, basketball, bike, markers and a bucket to store his cousin Peyton’s apparent overabundance of toys.
Olivia wants a Barbie house, a Baby Alive, a white puppy, a Rapunzel doll and a Dora the Explorer talking backpack (which I can imagine, when Olivia forgets it, would say, “Come back, Olivia! You need me!”).
Kareem’s wants are few but profound. He only wants an elephant, “a real one,” he insists, and enough peanuts to feed it.
Methinks that Jace may be a politician in the making. His only expensive request is a bike, which he could argue will be practical when he learns to ride it. He also asks for a new friend, which every budding politician needs. Finally, he shows either flattery or skepticism – either one a self-preserving characteristic for someone in the public realm – by asking Santa for a picture of – well, Santa.

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