Flaws in Obamacare should be factored into coming election These points are from a speech by Dr

By NEMS Daily Journal

Flaws in Obamacare should be factored into coming election
These points are from a speech by Dr. Barbara Bellar:
Obamacare is a health care plan which we are forced to purchase and fined if we do not.
It supposedly will cover 10 million more people without adding a single doctor, which provides for 16,000 new IRS agents who will enforce its mandate, and creates 159 new government agencies for oversight.
It was written by a chairman who said he does not understand it, passed by a Congress that didn’t read it, but exempted themselves from it, that was being lead by a speaker who said you must pass it to find out what is in it.
The funding is administered by a treasury chief who did not pay his taxes.
We are being taxed for four years before any benefits take affect.
The government has already all but bankrupted Social Security and Medicare.
It is opposed by three-fourths of Americans, and will be financed by a country that is $16 trillion in debt, and is being led by a president who is spending $1 trillion dollars more per year than is being taken in. Please vote Nov. 6.
Tommy Turner

Benefits package raising costs for Tippah Electric and its customers
A costly benefit package is hurting Tippah Electric and its customers.
Employee benefit packages put in place many years ago have become extremely costly. Those benefits included the company paying 100 percent of the cost of employee and family medical insurance, as well as 100 percent of the cost of retirement. These costs were once somewhat reasonable. Today these costs have risen to around $2.5 million per year for a company with about 40 employees.
Some employees currently pay 15 percent of spouse/family health coverage.
A few years ago, as costs began to rise dramatically, the board of directors put forth a plan whereby “new hires” would be offered a less costly benefit package. The line and right of way employees, who are union members, rejected that plan. The union’s out of state representative told company representatives, “All you have to do is raise rates to cover the costs.” That is what has happened. At the time the “new hire” plan was put forth, it was a golden opportunity to make changes to the benefit package, as many employees were nearing retirement age. However, some recent non-union hires have a different benefit package.
No one would deny the importance of the services of Tippah Electric and its employees. The concern is the financial health of our co-op. If everyone would stop and think, higher rates and fees have to be paid by everybody, including employees, their families, friends and neighbors. On more than one occasion, financial experts have advised the company to change these costly benefit packages.
What needs to happen is management, employees and the Tippah Electric Board of Directors must work together to find a reasonable, sustainable solution. The customer should not bear the burden of these costs. There is an opportunity to make changes because the current union contract expires in February 2013. Contact your board members, talk to Tippah Electric management and employees, and let your opinion be known. Customers must get involved. After all Tippah Electric belongs to customers.
Stanley Rolfe

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