Follow me in cyberspace, dear readers

By Patsy Brumfield/NEMS Daily Journal

Many of you recall that I spent the better part of the past two weeks covering a trial.
During that time, I posted regular DJournalnow updates every time we get a break – my coverage habit since a big trial in federal court about two years ago.
It’s pretty exhausting to try to type as people are testifying, and to give our readers some details from the courtroom. But the feedback is always exciting from readers, who really appreciate the effort.
It’s the next best thing to being there.
And so, now, in addition to listening and watching and typing as fast as I can, I’ve added Twitter to my orchestral endeavors.
Twitter is like a sticky-note on the cyber-refrigerator of life. Each post is limited to 140 characters.
I learned how to listen and watch and type as fast as I can and Tweet at the Allen Stanford trial in Houston, Texas, last January. It’s a bit like playing multiple keyboards in a rock band, sans the K.I.S.S. makeup or spandex costumes.
Some of you asked about my Twitter name, which I decided a few years ago as a throwback to my college days, when we were cute and thin and energetic.
If you go looking for me on, you won’t find me under my name, you will find me @realnewsqueen.
Yes, Real News Queen but all one word.
Back in the day, the Ole Miss Journalism Department held an annual Journalism Week and, of course, crowned a journalism queen.
Ole Miss is known for its queens and so nobody thought much, except that it was natural, for journalism to have a queen like everybody else.
In the spring of 1969, department chair Dr. Sam Talbert decided that I would be the queen. I accepted with great humility.
Nobody remembered anything about this until maybe 30 years later when a Jackson newspaper carried a note of this auspicious coronation in its “Remember When” feature.
Tupelo’s Danny McKenzie called to laugh about it and sent me a clipping of my selection that ran in the Commercial Appeal that day.
From then on, he called me News Queen and it stuck with a lot of other colleagues. I delight, at my age, to the reference and mention it whenever I can.
When it came time to choose a Twitter handle, I immediately chose News Queen, but to my shock, someone else had taken that name.
In that light, I had to retake the legitimacy of my title. Thus, I chose Real News Queen, like Real Houston Nutt or Fake Ed Orgeron.
I tweeted like a maniac the past two weeks for this trial and gained lots of new “followers,” which is what you call people who intentionally decide to receive your Twitter posts.
Thanks to the Daily Journal for allowing me to spend extensive time covering hard-core news like this, and to readers, who’ve followed me into cyberspace.
Patsy R. Brumfield writes a Thursday column. Contact her at or on @……..well, you know it now!

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