GRANT SOWELL: McDaniel wins engaged Mississippi voters



Chris McDaniel has a clear path to victory if conservatives research candidates and embrace intellectual honesty. Gallup polls consistently show Mississippi as the most conservative state in the nation. The Republican platform lays out principled positions concerning values. We are clearly a “red state” and it is essential for constituents to elect a true conservative Republican that best represents Mississippians.

If voters rely solely on the information that conveniently comes to us through television and media we will likely be misled or confused as to who the best candidate might be. This election is far too important for us and our children to give our vote to the wrong man. Candidates in any election present themselves in the best light while often attempting to play down their opponent. The media shows bias towards the least conservative candidate while attacking the most conservative candidate. There is often a deceptive approach to mislead what is known as LIV Low Information Voters. Don’t be that LIV guy or gal please! A debate would have been great but U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran has not accepted the challenge by McDaniel. Talking about issues and voting records would have been productive for the voter but it seems one candidate chose negative attack ads instead of his 42 year record. Politics can be very tricky. Sometimes deceptive tactics are used.

One tactic is known as projection. Projection is to accuse your opponent of the very thing you are guilty of. An example would be for Cochran’s campaign to accuse the most fiscally responsible state senator such as McDaniel of being a big spender when Cochran is nationally known as the earmark king. In addition the American Conservative Union endorsed McDaniel and rates Cochran a D- among the worst group ratings during Obama’s presidency.

Politics as we know requires sorting out facts and fiction. One way to do this is to follow three trails of the candidate. Follow the money trail, follow their records and follow who their friends are.

Let’s start by following the friends and maybe we can touch on records and money trails another time. It starts with Cochran boasting of a host of congressmen and senators from Mississippi and abroad ranked at 9 percent job approval rating last time I checked. Cochran’s greatest friend to his campaign is former governor now turned super-lobbyist Haley Barbour. Cochran hinted retirement but Haley pleaded for him to stay. Barbour is a powerful political player with a lot of influence and an ability to raise large amounts of cash. Barbour along with nephews, Henry and Austin Barbour, formed the Mississippi Conservatives’ PAC, but there is nothing conservative about it. The PAC’s primary purpose is to protect Cash Cow Cochran. The strategy is to purposely deceive low information voters by embellishing Cochran’s record and attacking McDaniel’s character.

Just last month, Barbour met with San Antonio Democrat Mayor Julian Castro openly promoting amnesty. He was quoted as saying; “amnesty would be good for our country.” Cochran voted for amnesty on May 17, 2006, Roll Call 127, and voted against construction of border fence July 13, 2006, – Roll Call 200. Rest assured if Cochran were to be elected Barbour would call on him to support amnesty. Cochran and Barbour are clearly violating the Republican platform against amnesty that states the primary goal of the federal government to keep our nation safe and secure. This includes protecting America’s borders to stop people from entering our country illegally.

Does this trouble conservative Republicans and Mississippi workers? It should! Meanwhile, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donahue has committed $50 million to fight off conservative primary challengers who would oppose his push for amnesty. This is why the U.S. Chamber has run deceptive attack ads in Mississippi against McDaniel falsely accusing him concerning tort reform. It seems the once respected governor and the U.S. Chamber have lost their way. They claim they need a cheap labor force for economic growth. The Chamber of Crony Capitalism has walked away from the spirit of enterprise and replaced it with special interest super-lobbyists and amnesty.

McDaniel, on the other hand, is against amnesty. He’s for free markets, lowering taxes, less regulation and capitalism that supports the entrepreneurial spirit and helps create a stable environment for investors. McDaniel is a BIPEC Business Champion and has a NFIB Lifetime 95 percent Pro-Business Ranking.

McDaniel’s friends start with the Senate Conservative Coalition and an expected majority of Mississippi conservatives. He has been endorsed by a host of nationally known conservatives such as Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham and Sarah Palin.

Grant Sowell is the Tupelo Tea Party chairman and can be reached at or (662) 791-9599.

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  • vechorik

    Nice article and every bit is true!

  • charlie

    Someone please tell what a “Conservative” wants to give up themselves, not what you want some one else to forfeit.

    • Thile

      “Sure, Charlie. We’ll give up lots of things. Like…umm…and… … … …ringing endorsement from insane, fringe blogger! /runs after said insane, fringe ” Constitutional” blogger

  • hesh R

    Vote Chris McDaniel for senate!

  • charris9876

    We need a new face to represent a new Mississippi. Probably no state has changed as much as MS in the last 40 years. I support Chris McDaniel.

  • 1941641

    If everything in the article is true as vechorik claims, like this for example: “McDaniel’s friends start with the Senate Conservative Coalition and an”expected”? majority of Mississippi conservatives. He has been endorsed by a host of nationally known conservatives such as [Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham and Sarah Palin.]”

    With this in mind, I predict Mc Daniel will be expected to go down about 11 pm the night of June 3, 2014. At about this same time Mississippi news networks will announce that Mc Daniel has publically conceded defeat! Many Mississippians will shout and clap their hands and thank God! and, meantime, they will prepare for round two of what should be a more sane election campaign between the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

  • FrereJocques

    Grant, you lost your cause after the very first sentence of your article. “Intellectual honesty” is one thing. It’s often a good thing. But you are forgetting its counterpart: PRACTICAL HONESTY. While a majority of people undoubtedly want less Government spending, there are different ways to go about it. And what this same majority has learned over the last 4 years or so is that the TeePee-ers are going about it the wrong way. It’s real easy to just oppose everything, even shut down the Government, to get your way. But this is not a PRACTICAL approach. We have now seen the results of the “Just say NO” crowd, and they are ugly. Government has to continue to function. The people long ago chose to give the Government certain responsibilities. In order to do that, they have to get the money. By now it is obvious that just cutting taxes is not the answer, Ronald Reagan notwithstanding. At one point, the rich were paying up to 90% of their income in taxes. The economy was in much better shape, people had jobs, houses, two-car garages, and the proverbial chicken in every pot. Today, people make less money (in real terms) than they did 50 years ago. Why? Because the Government, mainly Repugnicants, removed the restrictions that kept businesses honest and didn’t allow them to exploit the masses. Those businesses have now tied up the vast majority of the nation’s wealth for themselves.

    We need to return banks and all financial institutions back into the basic institutions they once were, and quit allowing them to trade, speculate, swap off debts, and all the other things they did that caused the Depression that we’re STILL in. For starters, pass a law that says if they’ve accumulated extremely large amounts of cash that they’re doing nothing with, they either start using it or they lose it (in the form of taxes). That would bring several trillion dollars into the Treasury right there. Or, even better, back into the economy.

    • Christopher

      Perhaps you’d be more comfortable living in Venezuela ? Better yet the USSR…oops I meant Russia.

      • FrereJocques

        In those places, the Government muck-a-mucks are the robber barons. Why would I want to live there?

    • barney fife

      Hit the nail on the head with that statement.

  • opinionated1234

    Frere you are completely wrong. The Republicans have not stopped any bills from coming to the floor…..they have put forth 84 separate bills including jobs bills which HARRY REID has killed and would not allow to come to the floor for debate. Then he gets up and blames the Tea Party and the Koch brothers! totally insane old coot!

    Let me give you some facts on Cochran….he has a campaign fund of $8.5 MILLION DOLLARS and a NET WORTH OF $2,000,000 MILLION or just under that amount. For a person who makes $174,000 per year it’s kind of hard to save that kind of money….wouldn’t you say??? Who does he owe for that fund??? Sold his vote to the highest bidder…the Chamber of Commerce! PEOPLE HE IS 78 YEARS OLD and he has been in DC 33 years. He takes countless trips around the world, paid for by the tax payers with his assistant….he has been to Europe at least 5 times in recent years….why???? HE DOES VERY LITTLE FOR MS AND HAS THE LIFE OF RILEY……ENOUGH!!! WE need to clean out the CORRUPTION from the Senate and the Career Politicians….they have forgotten who sent them to DC!!!! They work for us! What has he done for MS lately?

    • FrereJocques

      The reason Harry Reid won’t even bring them up for a vote is that they all contain a “poison pill”. Usually including a clause to kill off part or all of the ACA. And yes, the TeePee party IS to blame–along with all the other conservative Repugnicants.

      You can complain about Cochran’s personal wealth AFTER you tell us all what all the other 99 Senators are worth.

      It is a fact that George Bush spent more money on trips and vacations than any President in modern history–INCLUDING President Obama.

      Cochran has done VERY MUCH for the people of MS–or haven’t you been listening to those who complain about all the earmarks he’s brought to the State over his career?

      McDaniels seems to care more about his own success than the people of MS or the nation as a whole. Who had even heard of him before he decided to challenge Cochran?

      • opinionated1234

        Why is the president or Harry Reid afraid to bring the bills to the floor for debate and bring it to a vote….it is the American way of government! You can’t make the decision for the country and determine that because you personally don’t like it, you won’t allow it to be debated and voted on! He has taken away my vote and he works for us. Including the president! He is not a dictator and cannot tell us what we can do and what we can’t ….he is not the king! We have the right to hear all sides and make a decision through our senator and representative! Yes I can tell you what each senator’s net worth.
        Cochran is 78 years old another 6 years will make him 84….there should be an age limit! He was planning on retiring and Mc Connell talked him into running another 6 years! He has been in congress 42 years!!!! He is working for the Chamber of Commerce and other lobbyists….he just received a campaign donation of $500,000 form the Chamber of Commerce! An article came out where he has been on many many vacations with his assistant! ENOUGH! This is my tax money being spent and I have a right to complain….this is STILL AMERICA!!!!!
        McDaniels has been a State Senator for the last 6 years….look up his record! Get a clue!

  • the_rocket

    ” Projection is to accuse your opponent of the very thing you are guilty of.”
    How about your dose of irony for the week?
    Nice political endorsement, Daily Journal.

  • Thile

    The irony of a tea party rep calling people “low-information voters is delicious. A political ” movement” built on grift and fleecing the rubes fancying themselves as the smartest people in the room is also hilarious.

  • 1941641

    McDaniel is not in God’s plan to be elected over incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran.
    After June 3, 2014, if you happen to drive through the neighborhood, over on the “DarK Side” of West Tupelo, you might be able to catch a glimpse of McDim visiting with AFA’s Tim Wildmon, and Bryan Fischer amid all their tears, hugs and kisses (Yep, Homophobes and their best friends Kiss regularly when they grieve over personal defeat in politics and human rights victories!) “Modernism” is winning, you all!

  • vechorik

    1 uses his wife as political capital
    1 solicits Democrat votes
    1 rates D- by American Conservative Union
    That’s #ThadCountry!

    • Mary Turner

      SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF LIBERTY- keep fighting until V DAY June 24th!