Gulfport library An imperfect process

During 1999 and 2000, the public waged a campaign to save the Gulfport Public Library from being torn down to make way for a new federal courthouse.

That effort was successful because hundreds of people attended public meetings and made it clear to public officials that they would not permit this public building to be sacrificed for another.

The fate of the Gulfport Public Library is again at stake, and again a public meeting will be held to discuss it.

But there the similarities end.

City and county officials have already taken action to tear down the lofty remains of the beachfront library and replace it with a much smaller version tucked inside a new multi-purpose facility.

Yet the Gulfport City Council is holding a public hearing on the fate of the library tomorrow afternoon at City Hall beginning at 4 o’clock.

It is a hearing that should have been held months ago.

The members of the Gulfport City Council are holding tomorrow’s public hearing far later in the process than they should have, but it is still not too late for them to listen to their constituents.

– Sun Herald,


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