It's in Mississippi's best economic interest to have more Democratic voters, though pretend Democratic voters would do

By M. Scott Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

It’s in Mississippi’s best economic interest to have more Democratic voters, though pretend Democratic voters would do.
Got your attention?
This isn’t an argument for electing more Democrats to high office. I’m primarily concerned with steering the Magnolia State into swing state territory.
Let’s take a moment to pretend as though Mississippi voters blew with the political winds, so the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee couldn’t reliably predict our votes.
As it stands, it’s a given that Mississippi’s electoral college votes will go into the Republican’s win column.
I doubt there’s anything bad a Republican could do to change that, nor is there anything good a Democrat could do. This state belongs to the Republican Party – lock, stock and barrel.
So the behind-the-scenes operators of right-leaning and left-leaning Super PACs see no reason to spend their abundant dollars in Mississippi.
That’s a shame because I think we’re missing out on the rising financial boat that a sweeping tide of cash would create for our great state.
I figure whoever wins in November will see an improved economy simply as an aftereffect of the mucho deniro spent in swing states over the past year.
Imagine all that money raining down on the heads of good-hearted Mississippians, and you’ll see why we need more real and/or fake Democrats.
I’m proposing that a certain number of Republicans take a hit for the home team and pull the Democratic lever. We’d have to be careful because it wouldn’t be fair for Republicans to pretend to be Democrats and then have the Democrats win.
We just need enough crossover voters to convince the national party bosses that Mississippi’s in play. Then gobs of special interest cash would spill over us like Noah’s flood through the Grand Canyon.
I can see only one drawback to the plan.
That money would fund political advertising, as well as robocalls and other get-out-the-vote tactics. I imagine, like me, you’re not keen on a TV landscape crammed with enough attack ads to haunt our dreams.
On the plus side, politically invested moolah should trickle down Mississippi’s economic ladder, making the rich richer, and maybe the poor would get a slice, too.
We also could expect more visits from candidates, who’d come to our state to sway our many undecided voters (wink-wink). That would increase the likelihood of school kids getting to see an actual president, which would be pretty cool.
After four or five elections, party bosses would realize Mississippi will forever be in the tank for whatever Republican gets the nomination, but think of the fat checks the state could cash between now and then.
There’s no reason for Ohio, Virginia, Colorado and the rest to get all that financial largesse. We can make serious bank, too, once Mississippi becomes an SSINO, a swing state in name only.
M. Scott Morris is a Daily Journal feature writer. Contact him at (662) 678-1589 or scott.morris

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