KATHLEEN PARKER: The governor, the soul mate and …

By Kathleen Parker

CHARLESTON, S.C. – As the reporter said to the novelist: Why bother to make stuff up?
For stories and characters, one needs only a pair of walking shoes in this city, where recent attentions have turned to two salacious stories. One concerns a murder-for-hire plot involving a banker, his wife, his lover’s ex-husband and his ex-lover’s husband’s cellmate. Not to be confused with his soul mate.
No, that designation refers to the other story. Yes, he’s back but maybe not for long. Mark Sanford, the former governor who disappeared for five days, allegedly to hike the Appalachian Trail only to find himself in the arms of his lover (now his fiancee), is discovering that not every kid gets a comeback.
What is it about the shamed male politician that he seems unable to accept when it’s over? Part of the answer is hubris. Another part is history: Voters generally are forgiving, but key to general forgiveness is the forgiveness of the wronged spouse.
The list of those who have sinned and recovered is too long for this space, though a couple serve the point – and at least one deserves special mention: Bill Clinton
Perhaps the explanation lies in his overall likability as well as his good works, not to mention a larger sense that he was unnecessarily persecuted for behaviors that were more or less familiar to (and ignored by) a majority of voters.
Clinton did not, moreover, seek public office again. And, significantly, Hillary, her early protestations notwithstanding, stood by her man.
Switch now to former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, who left Congress after accidentally tweeting a photo of his assets to his Twitter followers. Again, Weiner’s wife, who was pregnant at the time of his topple, stayed with him.
Lest Democrats feel unfairly singled out, we further note that Republican Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana has held his seat despite his intersection with prostitution.
Which brings us back to Sanford. Not only did he abandon his state for five days during his walkabout, but he committed the unthinkable. He wept. No taking it like a man, this one. Without consideration for his wife and young sons, he referred to his paramour as his soul mate.
Sanford didn’t even have the decency to resign from office. He recently won the Republican primary for an open congressional seat and faces Elizabeth Colbert-Busch (sister of Stephen Colbert) in a special election May 7.
To many South Carolinians, especially women, Sanford’s candidacy is an embarrassment of Weineresque proportions. But if history is any guide, his candidacy is on life support. Not only did his former wife, Jenny Sanford, not stand by her man, she wrote a book, went on TV and recently took him to court for trespassing.
Sanford’s lack of empathy for his family, not to mention his impeachable judgment, should disqualify him from further public service, an opinion apparently shared by the Republican National Committee, which recently withdrew support for his candidacy.
Where the wife goes, so go the people.
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