Letter to the Editor August 27, 2013

Too little content at Brasfield Festival
I went to the Rod Brasfield Festival in Smithville, but was very disappointed.

The advertisement said there would be directions to the event but when we got to Smithville, all we saw was a sign that the festival was in the park.

I moved to Golden a year ago from Florida, I barely know where Smithville is, let
alone a park. But, we drove around till we found it. To show how bad the directions were, an older gentleman who lives in the county asked us where the park was. He had forgotten.

What a total disappointment. You have a festival for Rod Brasfield but only a marker to say he lived in the area and was buried somewhere there. They did have shirts for sale with his name on it.

If you had an Elvis Festival, you would have things to sell about Elvis, If you had a Watermelon Festival, you would have watermelons. Do you get the picture?

If you were going to just have a festival, why not call it the Smithville Festival.

Because all you had was food, facepainting, music, and things you find in all festivals for sale.

This kind of bad advertising will only bring outsiders to your festival one time.

I know this will be my one and only time.

James Albritton

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  • Law Enforcement Wives

    I’m so sorry you feel this way. I guess you noticed that Smithville is flat, empty, trees on one side of road, etc. Smithville was devasted by an EF5 tornado on April 27th, 2011, and most items of Rod Brasfield went with that tornado, as we lost our town hall, police department, bank, all businesses but a couple, our medical clinic, many homes, and even lives. Rod Brasfield was born and grew up in Smithville, his home was also destroyed by the tornado. Two residents we lost that day were involved with the Rod Brasfield Festival years ago. We wanted to bring back this festival to try and revive our town and community and be happy again, to fellowship again. I apologize for any signs you did or did not see, we did have some signs (smaller than the banners) out on the main roads. We worked fifteen (15) months on this festival, and yes, if was our first time to do a festival, but our community enjoyed it and we thought we were very successful due to the fact, we are younger and never did a festival, most residents associated with the festival in prior years, are either deceased or elderly and unable to work like they did back in the day. We had a great antique tractor show and many people enjoyed that as well! Again, I am truly sorry about the signs you mentioned and that you did not enjoy yourself. We feel since it was the first festival of this kind in our town since 1997 and since none of us had ever organized a festival, that we started with zero money and sold and put up fence boards just to make some money to get this off the ground, that we were successful and we learned from this year and are looking to make it even better next year. All our entertainers were volunteers and we were so happy that they cared enough to donate their travel and time to Smithville. Rod Brasfield made people smile, he made them forget their worries and enjoy life with a laugh, and I think we accomplished that. His motto was “Keep Em’ Laughing” and we hope to continue to do the same. Hopefully, you will reconsider and give us another chance next year, as this was our first time and we learned from it.

    Thank you,
    Law Enforcement Wives of Monroe County, Inc.

  • MsKatie

    I went to the festival and had a nice time. I didn’t know where the park was either, but it’s not a huge town — I found it.

    To the people who put on the festival, thank you. I’m thrilled that Smithville has regained its footing after the tornado, and i wish you nothing but the best. I’ll be back for next year’s festival.

  • Moda Candles

    We attended the festival as vendors. When we arrived we were greeted by Nancy & April if I iam not mistake. They were so sweet and helpful as this was our first time ever in Smithville. It was obvious from the start how much effort and planning went into this festival. You all did a terrific job. It was also nice that the local law enforcement took the time to walk around to visit and make small talk with the vendors and patrons. I applaud everyone involved for all the hard work. Im sure everyone has heard the saying Rome wasn’t built in a day!!! Thank you to the entire group for working so hard to rebuild a community that lost so much!!