Letter to the Editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Some ‘holinesses’ need return ticket
Reading and listening to some of our politicians, it appears that they feel they own their elected positions.
I do not know who anointed them, but I do know who can unseat their holinesses – one answer – you, the voter. Check out each candidate. We may need change. Use your brains and do not vote for them because they are a friend or relative.
As you know in your heart they will not work for the good of the community but will fulfill their own selfish desires.
Your children, your grandchildren and those children of the future depend on you to make this a better place to live and raise a family, to enjoy prospering and freedom. You are responsible for the future existence of our country. Thank about it. Do not continue the status quo. If change is needed in your city, county, state or nation, then vote for progress, not stalemate.
It is your privilege to exercise your right to vote. Remember the veterans who died for your freedom. Honor them by your vote to keep America the best.
Tom Lucas

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