Letter to the Editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Non-proselytizing rule protects our troops
In reference to Donald Fox’s letter where he thinks Christians in uniform face a dilemma: Upon enlistment an oath is taken. A portion states, “I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me … so help me God.”
A military member does not enjoy all the freedom of expression that we civilians are permitted. They raise their right hand and take that oath placing them under the control of others. The order not to proselytize was to prevent more hostility toward our troops. It was also a diplomatic move since the countries where we are engaged have very strict laws against any other religions being taught by anyone, no matter military or local civilians. One cannot bring stability to a country while breaking their laws and customs.
Eileen Grenier

Baptist Seminary fulfilled dream for Shannon woman
Each year I write my views of life. I was reading my favorite Bible passage (Ecclesiastes 3:1), “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” I have received great courage and inspiration from this passage. It gave me the courage to follow my dream. I have always wanted to learn about the Bible. I have taken Bible courses from many churches and institutions, but I finally enrolled in one that got my attention.
The Baptist Seminary fulfilled my dream. We have a brilliant instructor and some dedicated classmates. They have acknowledged my presence as a member of their circle. I admire these faithful servants for their dedication to learn new methods to deal with the changes that are creeping into the churches. We have great discussions on topics related to the church. We still have servants who are dedicated to the cause.
I have been adopted into another family, the Fitness Family. We have developed a bond that changed my attitude toward life.
I will be celebrating my 70th birthday in January. I have two ladies that will be celebrating that same birthday. We were discussing the kind of party that 70-year-old people would enjoy. One said, “A sit down meal and listen to old songs.” I said, “No, no!” I want a party where dancing is done so I can show off some of the moves that I learned in water aerobics. Thanks for the thought.
Fall is here and there are changes everywhere. Changes make one aware of our earthly journey. James 4:14 describes life as “a vapor that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away.”
I view life in that same manner. Life is a gift, you only get one. When it vanishes, that’s the end.
“So live a full life and give God all the praises.”
Jimmie Nell Pierce

Nunnelee won’t stand up against his party’s demands
My, oh my. Look at all the ads by the Republican Party’s national campaign committees and their lobbyists’ groups accusing Travis Childers of everything but murder.
It’s always such a comfort to have all these D.C. outsiders tell us ignorant hicks in north Mississippi what we are supposed to think and how we are all supposed to vote.
What those ads tell me is that powerful people in D.C. are scared of Travis Childers and are willing to spend big bucks to get him out of office. If they think Childers is a threat to their plans, then that is exactly the person I want representing me.
It must have been very upsetting to Alan Nunnelee and his fellow Republicans when National Right to Life and the National Rifle Association deliberately chose to back Childers instead of Nunnelee. Childers has backed up his words with his votes and those organizations know actions speak louder than words. Childers has a record of putting north Mississippi’s interests ahead of his national party’s. Alan Nunnelee’s record says he never votes against his party, never even thinks they might get something wrong. I can’t see Nunnelee ever standing up for us if his party leadership tells him not to. I’d rather have a leader representing me in Congress, not a follower.
People think the National Democratic Party is too liberal and out of touch with the American mainstream. They would like to see a more conservative Democratic Party. Has it ever occurred to anyone that the best way to have a conservative Democratic Party is to vote for and elect conservative Democrats to office?
Childers promised to be independent and he is. He promised to look after our interests and he has. He has stood against the leaders of his own party when he thought they were wrong. I see nothing in Nunnelee’s history that says he would do that. And as a bonus, Childers is clearly making rich, powerful people in D.C. nervous or they wouldn’t be trying so hard to get rid of him. I’m backing Childers.
Richard Wilkinson

Gay student brought consequences on herself
I respond to David McMillen’s letter published Sept. 12.
We live in a world filled with a wide range of opinions. Those opinions are expressed strongly, both for and against. He and his family have experienced that. Others in the community have also experienced pain and expense (use of tax dollars) as a result of their convictions.
His statement, “I don’t believe in homosexuality. I believe, according to the Bible, it’s a sin” is a controversial statement. Many agree with him, but they do not have a close relative who is a lesbian, so their response may be stated strongly, and with less concern for the feelings of others, than he would have.
The issue was not that Constance McMillen wanted to wear a tuxedo, but that she wanted to make a statement and making that statement would force others to permit her, not just to wear a tuxedo, but to send a message about her sexuality through wearing that tuxedo.
He refers to an “upper class society circle” that “runs” or controls things. But the “upper class society circle” of the gay and lesbian organization used their resources and proved his point that it is money and not the individual nor group views that prevail. Would Constance’s efforts have prevailed if it had not been for the financial and legal services provided by this outside organization?
I believe the decision of the court could and should have been overturned, but the “pockets” of the gay and lesbian organization were deeper than the resources available to the school system.
Constance made a decision and that decision has resulted in both painful and profitable consequences for her. Others suffered as a result of her actions. That is a part of the process of growing up. The next step in the process is also painful. That is the recognition that one’s decision may have caused or contributed to the problem. Or that the problem was caused by another and resulted in personal distress. Differences can never be resolved without communication. McMillen’s letter, to some degree, is a lashing out at others, more than an attempt to move toward reconciliation.
Ken Pickens

Follow Palin and Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh
The lady from Hamilton was right on about her comments about the far left and what their views were of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. They only wish they had the following of these conservative, America-loving people.
The left makes fun of them and attacks them for their common sense ideas. In the past 2 1/2 years I have really gotten an education on these leftist type people. I have come to the conclusion they are wired wrong. At first I thought how could they be so stupid and then I realized they are doing exactly what they want to do – dismantle and destroy our country as we know it. In my opinion, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and other people like them are only trying to wake up the American people to the fact the left are trying to give our country away. Blacks and whites need to wake up to this fact and vote these people out. Please vote on Nov. 2. Everyone needs to do his part. Oct. 4 is the deadline to register.
Judy Dunaway

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