Letter to the Editor

By John Gaskins

‘Hack job’ put on Toyota by local and national media
I am not surprised that the national ultra-liberal media has organized itself to deliver the current “hack job” on Toyota.
After all the current administration with it’s control of General Motors and the UAW, having been “awarded” a major ownership in GM , must continue pandering votes wherever it can. We already lost that battle.
What does surprise me is that the local media (TV and Daily Journal) is so ready to climb on the pile. Toyota and the “hope” of a future with them has so much bearing on our local years to come that it seems that we at least could either “shut-up” or look for something positive to say about our new friends.
Are you guys pressured that much from these left wing crooks ? Do they maintain control over you, too? What ever happened to journalism?
Toyota has delivered what it said it would so far. They have already been a good partner and neighbor to these three counties and when we return (hopefully) to a somewhat sound economy we have every reason to be optimistic about a long term partnership. My sincere apologies to Toyota.

John Gaskins
Belden Neighborhood

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