Letter to the Editor

Collins’ voting record troubles Tupelo man
In reading Martin Rodgers’ letter from Sept. 24, I felt the headline, “Collins turned her back on public education” hit the nail on the head.
When elected in 2011, I was optimistic that Sen. Nancy Collins would be an open supporter of public education because of her campaign statements. What she said in “practice” sounded promising. However, my optimism was quickly doused by the reality of her actual voting record when it was “game time.” I tell my kids, “Actions speak louder than words,” and when Collins had opportunities to act in favor of Mississippi’s future, she voted party lines instead. The Parents Campaign gave her a 0 percent rating, and she was the only senator from Northeast Mississippi who voted against increased MAEP funding in March of 2011. This should be a wake-up call for educators across Senate District 6.
As concerned citizens, educators, and parents, we need to make sure we vote for legislators who are true advocates of a quality public education for every child not just on the campaign trail, but also when it comes time to vote in Jackson. I urge all educators and voters concerned about public education and the rights of the common Mississippian to support Stacy Scott. There is too much at stake to continue doing business as usual.
Christopher Stevens

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