Letter to the Editor August 20, 2013

House-passed bill endangers animals

In July, the House passed a version of the Farm Bill that included an extremely hazardous amendment, introduced by Iowa Republican Steve King, that is a major threat to states rights, animal welfare, environmental protections and food safety.

This amendment would repeal already passed state laws from protecting puppies in puppy mills, to preventing horses from being slaughtered inhumanely, and would legalize previously banned animal agriculture practices such as tail-docking, putting arsenic in chicken feed and keeping impregnated pigs in small crates. “My language wipes out everything they’ve done with pork and veal,” King said of his amendment.

Personally, I don’t really care how badly Representative King misrepresents his own state, but I certainly don’t want him dabbling with Mississippi’s sovereign rights to pass and enact our own statutes and laws. Just WHO does this jumped up Yankee boy think he is?!? (Last time I checked, not a single Mississippi state legislator felt the need to consult with him regarding ANYTHING, given he was one of 11 in Congress to vote against the Hurricane Katrina Aid package, which our state, and others devastated by the storm, so desperately needed.)

Thankfully, the Senate does not include this unsafe language yet, so there is still time to remove the amendment from the final version of the Farm Bill. The conference committee will decide the future of the bill and Sen. Thad Cochran will be on that committee. I am strongly urging him to do everything in his power to strike this amendment out of the final version and protect these important state laws from being repealed. Regardless of where we stand on the political spectrum, there is something in Rep. King’s ill-conceived amendment for each of us to be against and want to see omitted from a bill as important and necessary as this one. Please join me by calling Sen. Cochran at (202) 224 – 5054 and urge him to send this Carpetbagger, and his exasperatingly obtuse amendment, packing.

LuAnne Parrish

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  • Kyle

    What an intelligent letter to the editor.

  • 1941641

    Rep. King is one of those birds of a feather that hangs around with the “Dark Side” of Tupelo crowd.

  • 1941641

    “Dark Side Tupelo” = American Family Association. Now you know the rest of the story!

  • 1941641

    Try this link to check AFA and Rep. King out.


  • 1941641

    AFA’s Womens’ Dr. Bryan Fischer from the “Dark Side” of Tupelo, MS, an otherwise All American City!