Letter to the Editor July 18, 2013

America needs a two-party system

I am disgusted with the letter that Arvin Mosley wrote about the Republicans. He wrote the greatest political and social problems facing the American people are the intractabilities of the Republican Party.

Is he saying that the Democrats can’t manage or control the Republicans because if that is what he is saying, then I am glad that they can’t. He even said they, the Republicans, hate their own people.

No, I don’t believe the Republicans hate people even if we don’t always agree with what they are doing.

Hate to me is a strong word and you have no right to use it as I am a Republican and I do not hate anyone.

I believe Mitt Romney lost because many Christians could not vote for a Mormon, so they didn’t get out to vote. I even told my younger brother we are not voting for his religion, we were voting for a man.

Voting is a right but only those who are citizens of the U.S. and if someone doesn’t know me at the polls then I should have something showing my picture and who I am.
I hope we never, and I mean never have a one-party system. We just need term limits and they need common sense and Christian beliefs and morality.

We need to stop bickering in the Republican party.

America needs a good two-party system and needs to get the socialists out of the Democratic Party.

Juanita Horstman

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  • barney fife

    An individual’s theological beliefs or lack thereof is not a prerequisite for public office.
    The Republican party is not doing itself any favors of late. People are going to remember the do-nothing Congress and the party of NO come election time.


    You’re absolutely correct – as a Democrat – I believe that not only do we NOT need a one-party system, we need more than a two party system, because it would mean that both Democrats and Republicans would have to work harder to win elections. I voted for Obama; however given a stronger candidate with Centrist views – I most likely would have voted differently.

    Juanita, hate is a very strong word; but it makes it quite difficult to believe otherwise when you yourself say that Christians won’t vote for a Mormon and then you turn around and go after the Democrat party with the ‘socialist’ rhetoric. It also makes it quite difficult to believe when the media representation of the party still tow the hard-line edge of the rhetoric. It’s getting tiresome and I don’t think the American people, as a majority, will continue to be fooled by that crap. Where is the ‘Fair and Balanced’?