Letter to the Editor July 30, 2013

All sin requires remedy of God’s forgiveness
(This is a response to Jasmine Beach-Ferrara’s letter that appeared in the Journal July 29.) The truth of God’s Holy Word, which is different from the natural man’s opinion, must be proclaimed. Her letter states “that people are hurting because of laws that treat LGBT people differently.”

The laws she refers to were written years ago when men cared more about pleasing the Lord God than they did people. They were going by what the Bible said then and what it still says today, not what politicians, Hollywood, or sadly even some denominations, or preachers who pick and choose which parts of the Bible they want to believe and go along with, so they will remain popular or gather riches.

In Bible times there was sexual perversion, but God called it like it was then, and states without apology what will happen to those who refuse to acknowledge, repent and leave their sin. Bible-believing Christians do not hate LGBT people or want to hurt them. We love and want to help them, by telling them the truth, not mislead them. We want them to experience what living a holy, obedient, separated life unto a living, loving God is all about so that when they draw their final breath, they will experience heaven and not hell for all eternity. Mankind must repent of their sin to be saved, which by the way is not just the sin of sexual perversion. It’s all sin. God hates sin, and sin has a severe penalty.

But God so loved people in sin that He sent His Son to live, to die, to be buried, and rise again on the third day, so that all people could be saved from their sin (whatever the sin is), and be a new creature in Christ Jesus. (John 3:16, 2 Cor 5:17) We must preach the truth and live the truth If we want to claim we are in the truth. (Galatians 2:20)

Bro. Scott Witcher

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  • tom Neiman

    Amen, brother, preach it!

  • Winston Smith

    “The laws she refers to were written years ago when men cared more about pleasing the Lord God than they did people.”

    Remember back in the 1490’s in Spain where people were so into pleasing the Lord God that they booted all the non-believers out? And those that remained who were discovered practicing another faith they burned at the stake?

    Remember back even further to turn of the 11th century when men were so into pleasing the Lord God that they would go into the middle east under the Pope’s orders and wage war against the people there for 200 years?

    Maybe we should focus more on pleasing our fellow man than God. People of all beliefs have to share this space below the heavens together. When you start to discriminate against somebody because they don’t worship the same, or look the same, or speak the same as you do, it opens the door to some very unchristlike behavior. Just my two cents

  • 1941641

    While there are those who stand strictly by the Biblical Word Of God, there are those of us who stand strictly by the Separation Of Church and State and the Constitutional rights of all men including the LGBT community and others who are subject to the wrath of a Loving God! America was not founded upon the Christian Religion. Every American is free to live their lives as the see fit. Once that is established universally, the world will be a better place to live.


    Bro Witcher – I’m certain your intentions are purely heartfelt. I’m not sure that you can even imagine what it means to hear someone advocate archaic laws which in application would imprison you or have you put to death. Or what it means to sit in the pew and hear the minister steer his sermon to a point where he’s preaching that your friends deserved to die an agonizing death. But I can assure you, those things are most definitely hurtful and they do not bring on the Conviction of Christ. Neither do civil laws, which are designed to be religion neutral – – – –