Letter to the Editor July 31, 2013

Objections voiced about Mosely’s and Criss’s views

Both Arvin Mosely’s letter on July 14 and Leslie Criss’ article on July 24 were disturbing to me. As a Democrat who became a Republican and as a Bible-believing Christian and active member of Harrisburg Baptist Church, I feel compelled to respond.

I can remember the Democratic programs designed to offset the effects of the Depression that began in 1929, shortly before my birth and continued, at least in our home, until the early 1940s. Dad worked in the WPA, formally named “Works Progess Administration” and informally called the “We Piddle Around” program. There was also the CCC, Civilian Conservation Corps, for young men. Both required one’s daily presence at a variety of job sites as opposed to the current “We Piddle Around” in the home, on the streets or somewhere else and are penalized if they work at a job, while drawing a check for doing nothing.

Both writers seem to believe in “Political Correctness” versus biblical truths. Both marriage and sexual orientation are clearly defined in the Bible and the history of fallen nations provides a record of the consequences of substituting man’s standards for God’s.

Criss’ article did not quote a source for openly gay Scouts. The long-held standard is abiding to moral standards, which for that age group is abstinence. It is impossible for one to determine one’s sexual orientation without actual experience.

There may be mental and emotional interest, but some uncertainty until the actual experience. The emotional impact of those youth who experienced sexual acts through some degree of pressure is well documented.

The test cases such as application for marriage licenses for same-sex partners will eventually lead to court cases. A sexually oriented gay Scout would be similar to a male sex offender in a nudist colony, an alcoholic in an unattended liquor store, a prescription drug addict in an unattended pharmacy. The temptation would be too strong for one to resist. The possibility of legal action against Scout leaders as agents of Harrisburg Church, and the theological foundations of our church, made it impossible for our membership to maintain an association with these new standards.

Ken Pickens

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  • barney fife

    In your case, being three days older than dirt has not led to wisdom of age.


    First of all, I suppose a truly virgin couple doesn’t make
    the determination that they are heterosexual (or homosexual) until the
    experiences of the wedding night? Ridiculous! Then you go on to equate a gay youth to a sex
    offender! I can remember the suggestive
    taunting common among boys when I was a youth: I suspect now is no
    different. I can also remember the
    actual sexual advances others made on me in private during that period and not one
    of those boys turned out to be gay. An
    enclosure of naked peers tends to send terror down the spine of a gay youth, in
    ‘mixed’ company, it’s not very comfortable for a gay adult either. What rock did you crawl out from under? !

  • Sampson Chadwick Jr.

    Just another sign of the end-times. What it comes down to is the degradation of the youth of america through the godless-left winged agenda present on all of the major networks. For heaven’s sake, I can find more redeeming value in hardcore pornography than on ABC-FAMILY. What happened to the days when a kid was a kid and a coke was 10 cents?? I truly feel sorry for the kids today, with all gay and lesbian imagery on television its no wonder this generation is so perverted. Its time to get back to biblically based programming!

    • TWBDB

      Taking into account the true value of money a 10 cent Coke back in the day was more expensive than the price we pay for a Coke today in the bulk market: same goes for depravity and the fallacies of mankind. We’ve a horrible, horrible past in many regards: debauchery has always been prevalent: we just talk about it more openly today. I actually envy the kids today: they’re generation has the opportunity to learn from all our mistakes and make the world a better place.

  • 1941641

    What HP Church did was to thump the Holy Bible in denial of Boy Scouts Constitutional & Human
    Rights as American Citizens. HB Church is guilty of discrimination against all the members of Troop 85, Gay or Straight or whatever.

    If HB church draws from a certain local Christian Right group for scout leaders, then it can only be said that God planned this controversey himself for the good of Troop 85 members!