Letters to the Editor: April 11, 2014

other_letters_editorHow are we supposed to pay for wars GOP wants to fight?

It is interesting and instructive to monitor conservatives and their antagonism to anything President Barack Obama says and does, or does not say or do.

For example, in the five years Obama has been in office, the GOP and their Fox mouthpieces have demanded, at times vociferously, that America go to war with (1) North Korea, several times, (2) Libya, both before and after Benghazi, (3) Egypt, both when Morsi was elected president and during the uprising that overthrew him, (4) Syria, again several times, (5) Iran, more times than I can count, and (6) Russia, over the Crimea, and, let’s not forget, they opposed us leaving Iraq last year and the upcoming withdrawal from Afghanistan.

So, by my count, if the GOP had gotten its way, we would be involved in eight different wars right now. At the same time that conservatives beat their war tom-toms, they tell us with every breath they take how broke the country is. Now, here’s where it gets confusing; if, as they say, we are broke and can’t do many things anymore, how, pray tell, would we find the money to pay for all of the men, weapons and supplies necessary to fight even a couple of these wars they have been pleading for us to fight? Until 2001, every president and Congress in American history raised the taxes needed to pay for any wars we found ourselves in. Now, if we had indeed had the short, quick wars Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld had promised, maybe everything would have worked out fine, but we wound up in a decade-long slog flushing billions of our tax dollars down a rat-hole, and that went a long way towards wrecking our economy.

So, Republicans want us to be the world’s policeman, whether the world likes it or not? What are we supposed to pay for any upcoming wars with, fairy dust and moonbeams?

Incidentally, has anyone noticed that Crimeans celebrated their new status as Russian citizens like it was the Fourth of July? They got what they wanted, why should we waste a drop of American blood making them stay where they don’t want to be?

Richard Wilkinson


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  • Ells Worth

    Mr. Wilkinson is a typical Obama democrat that has been spell bound by a glorified tele prompter reader, the best I ever heard. How anyone with a straight face can try to compare Obama to any one that has ever occupied the Whitehouse. The main function of the federal government is to provide for the nations defense, not turn America into a welfare state for votes.
    If Bush has caused our run away spending how come the figure is so much higher under Obama. Now, Mr. Wilkinson makes it sound like the Ukraine is happy now that Obama has failed miserably in stopping the invasion and embarrassed himself before the whole world. Fast and furious and Benghazi have gotten our people killed while holding no one responsible, in fact he was too occupied with a fund raiser to even be bothered to order support for our ambassador while he was under attack. Obama has passed the most egregious tax on middle class workers ever levied under the smoke screen of health care.
    The price of gas has more than doubled under Obama, electric rates have doubled and food prices tripled, Obama has reduced the middle class to poverty level while stealing from workers to increase the welfare rolls. Actually it looks like Mr. Wilkinson want some attention by acting like Obama is anything but a failure.

    • Jack Makokov

      Dab all the squares on your Wingnut Bingo card. Encyclopedia Brown, come claim your prize.

    • barney fife

      You Sir, have overdosed on the Pablum coming from the right. Take a break from that talk-radio and Faux news – all of it is corroding your feeble mind.

    • TWBDB

      Mr Worth: for your education, I’ve provided a link to the timeline of gas prices in the US. Please see below. You’ll notice that gas prices have doubled since the ‘day’ Obama was elected, when the US was on a downward economic spiral, but gas prices haven’t reached the peak experienced just 6 months prior to that ‘day’ he was elected. You should also note that natural gas prices which have always followed the trend of oil, have
      actually stabilized: some would say in part to the alternative fuel initiatives put in place by the Obama administration.


      And we cannot forget our friend the ‘Bush Tax Cuts’ which are now permanent. Taken alone, the Congressional Budget Office calculates a 16% affect toward deficient away from the surplus we had when Bush took over. Exactly who do you blame for the Bush Tax Cuts being made permanent, rather than expiring as planned ?


      I couldn’t help but notice this same chart shows a significant affect from ‘Interest Expense’: money we are forced to borrow to pay for expenditures, yes quite a bit discretionary: so ok let’s look at one chart, you’re welcome to submit your own – – http://www.theprogressivesinfluence.com/2013/01/connect-dotsusa-and-federal-spending.html

      In 2013, with all the withdrawals and pullbacks etc. over half our discretionary spending is on the military. Not saying that we should cut or anything, but many, I take it you too, would suggest we embroil ourselves in even deeper discretionary expenditures, i.e. a war here a war there, rather than do everything we can to avoid war diplomatically.

      Of course, the links I provided are charts submitted on sites from a view from the left but you’re welcome to counter with charts of your own

      So, yes, while I don’t worship Obama, he’s just a President after all, not a Messiah: I can, with a straight face, compare him to other Presidents.

      • Ells Worth

        I agree with one thing you said “all the charts are from left wing sites” . I have NO CHARTS to counter with because we do not make up information just to make a point. The reason we were on a downward spiral under Bush” s last two years was because the democrats controlled both houses in congress. Non of what you said above is in fact more fiction than fact.

        • TWBDB

          Mr Worth, everything I referenced is very easily verified.

          The highest average per gallon price of gasoline in the US occurred on July 7th, 2008, the summer before Obama was elected, that price was $4.11. Gas prices had risen sharply in the years leading up to that infamous July: then suddenly fell in the very few months before the election. At the time, many on the left believed this to be a big oil / Republican conspiracy but it was really the economy crashing. In the months after Obama took office, those gas prices readjusted to pre-economic crash levels. You’re right, most of us don’t need a chart to remember the truth about this issue. Which causes me to question anyone’s credibility who repeats this circumstantially true but very misleading fact of gas prices doubling since Obama’s 2008 election.

          Discretionary spending facts aren’t as memorable, aren’t right there in our face, as gas prices. So it’s a bit easier, I suppose, to manipulate the truth about how our tax dollars are spent and what really contributes to deficit financing of government. It actually takes a modicum of effort to search for the facts on your own: but it isn’t that difficult. It took less than a minute to find the charts I sent you and about 30 min to actually confirm the reported percentages in those charts were factual.

          It takes zero time to sit there and shake your head in agreement when the commentator tells you what you want to hear .

          • Jack Makokov

            Stop hurting Worthless with facts, TWBDB!

  • 1941641

    The more I read Ells Worth’s rants in the Journal, the more convinced I am that he is a 21st
    Century John Bircher. A dyed-in-the-wool Bircher with a shot of Fred Phelps running through his veins, aka, like a cloned Phelps/Wildmon double-person spouting fire and brimstone against those he does not particularly like, especially if they are Black or GLBT or Liberal like myself.

    Being considered a John Bircher is like receiving a kick in the butt from every enlightened individual in the entire world, Mississippi included.

    • Ells Worth

      Means absolutely nothing coming from you. I do have values and morals that I am not ashamed. Calling people names seems be normal for liberals that are depressed with their own disappointments so I take your words with a grain of salt like any intelligent person who reads these comments. Anyway you just handed me a compliment coming from a liberal. A feeble brain is still better than no brain.

      • 1941641

        Yep, “values and morals” you were taught by the John Birch Society ! I wouldn’t brag about that where it can be read by everyone.

        • Ells Worth

          Actually, I do not know John, he must have blooded your nose. I have morals and values, of course. I am not a sick puppy that hides my identity because I am ashamed. The readers can see for themselves what I have to say and see your little libby parrot talk.