Letters to the Editor: Aug. 3, 2014

other_letters_editorHardee’s commercial approaches indecency

I sometimes think that much like ancient Rome, we get sidetracked by bread and circuses ( I will follow up on that thought). While we are distracted by all of the political issues, our society is swirling downward.

“Salacious” means treating sexual matters in an indecent way and typically conveying undue interest in or enjoyment of the subject.

Last night, my wife and I saw a Hardee’s Texas Girl commercial. Yes, I watched … as I would have watched a train wreck. It was difficult to ignore. I started to chuckle but realized it was more serious. This was not a campy joke. How does eating a hamburger relate to a woman crawling on the floor, squeezing soap on her chest, and lying on the hood while munching? In a skimpy swimsuit? And, I am told the blonde that shows up in the quasi-dominatrix swimsuit is that paragon of virtue, Paris Hilton. Well, that speaks volumes.

This is an insult to all religions. I sent a message to Andy Puzder, CEO over Hardee’s (he has a blog). I will not be going back until they change their advertising strategy. Please join me.

And here is where I follow up on my opening. We are being distracted. That has been the ruin of so many societies. As an amateur magician, I know how you direct people to focus on what you want them to think is important. Is it all about distraction? No! It is all about the money.

Ronald H. Burch



Frost on the devil’s lawn?

There must have been frost on the Devil’s front lawn Sunday morning because I found myself actually agreeing with Tim Wildmon’s opening comments about the way ESPN commentators overreacted to coach Tony Dungy’s statement about Michael Sam. The thaw came quickly; however, as Tim moved from sensible comments about extremes in political correctness and began to rant about the “progressive” movement and how they demonize everyone who disagrees with them.

I am a “progressive” and a “liberal” as those words apply to my sense of social justice. I am one of those people who do not tolerate acts of intolerance toward other viewpoints. I spent most of my adult working life to ensure that the protections of our Constitution were available to every citizen. I certainly want Wildmon’s rights protected, especially his rights to freedom of speech and religion; but when he abuses those rights by boldly stating that progressives are “out to destroy our country” and that we are “against religion” and “particularly hostile to evangelical Christianity and traditional Catholicism” I must protest. Wildmon’s rant continues, without a shred of evidence, to claim such absurd “progressive” agenda items as female cheerleaders in the men’s shower, to advocate homosexuality over heterosexuality and to demand abortions into the ninth month of pregnancy.

Liberals and progressives do advocate equality for everyone; women being paid the same as men for the same job, homosexuals having the same rights and privileges as every other citizen, and women’s access to all birth control measures according to the constitutional right established in Roe v. Wade.

A letter to the editor won’t give me enough space to rebut all of Wildmon’s assertions; but I can say to the Daily Journal: hold Wildmon to the standards of responsibility you have for your other paid columnists and staff. Put outrageous claims aside until documented with reliable citations. Do not abridge his freedom of speech but require that he use his pulpit responsibly.

Bob Spencer

lay minister

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Tupelo

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  • 1941641

    Right On Bob Spencer. “Absurd” is a word that describes Wildmon perfectly.

    I was thinking not long ago. At one time, the Journal had a phrase on their front page that said ‘In The Service of GOD And MANKIND’ or something like that. It’s the ‘Mankind’ word that disturbs me most. To me that word is representative of ‘Human Rights’! And those rights are representative of the rights of all men and women who occupy planet Earth. Whether Black, White, Brown, LGBT, Progressives, or Democrats or Republicans, Christians or Atheists, child refugees of other countries, etc., etc. …

  • barney fife

    Well written, Bob Spencer.