Letters to the Editor: Aug. 6, 2014

other_letters_editorLinder’s honor reflects a career of high values

Congratulations to Coach Mickey Linder on being selected to the Mississippi Sports Coaches Hall of Fame. We, the parents of former Tupelo football and basketball players, appreciate all the time and efforts that this special man invested in our young men. He instilled in them moral values, self-discipline and teamwork. He respected each player, and they in turn respected him. He shared his love, concern and generosity with them. Because of his influence, many of his former players now coach community football and basketball teams. As one of these parents, thank you, Mickey Linder.

Ann Godwin



Morris’ movie review held ‘liberal hogwash’

The political, social and international world seems to be changing at an accelerated pace, more so than at any other time in history, but one thing can always be counted on: Your opinion page will continue to be filled with the same old liberal slant on every issue put forward by countless forgettable writers who apparently all attended the same “let’s aid in the destruction of America and all its legitimate institutions” seminar. Excepted are Fridays when Cal Thomas is given space, and on Sundays when balance is briefly allowed. I will give you that.

What is new to me is when reading a movie review on “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” by M. Scott Morris, I have to read about a conversation with his 9-year-old son where Morris is quoted as saying “ … how something like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could continue, even with people of good conscience on both sides.” Where are “people of good conscience” on the Palestinian side, a side devoted to the total destruction of the State of Israel? This policy is public and repeated often with threats, so that someone in Morris’ position should be aware of it. Is a movie review the place to put liberal hogwash in play, hogwash that ignores the fact that Israel is under attack with hundreds of rockets hitting their homeland daily, and that this is not a new phenomenon and there have been no “people of good conscience” on the opposing side or objecting to the ongoing situation there?

While Morris is welcome to his opinions, they do not belong or need to be revealed in a movie review about apes, unless he is just aping the same old liberal mind-set of his peers.

David Anderson


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  • 1941641

    Sorrry, Mr. Anderson, but there are two sides to the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. And, there will never be peace between the two as long as there are those of us that believe along the same lines you do.

    If you don’t like Liberal America, sir, I suggest you relocate to Israel and live among all the different mind-sets that await you. Jesus Christ was a Liberal, by the way! He ‘Wept’ so it says in the Good Book. I’m of the opinion that he Wept because he had a vision of ‘Conservatism’ as His Potential Enemy! Are you that ENEMY Mr. Anderson?

    Have a good day,sir. — A Tupelo MS Liberal & Damn proud Of It!


    Mr Anderson, it always takes ‘people of good conscience on both sides’ to attain peace and tranquility. Those people always exist, in every circumstance. It simply takes a little effort to find and uplift their presence.