Letters to the Editor, Dec. 1, 2013

All deserve better than Bryant offers

Many, but not all, Republican governors are rejecting the expansion of Medicaid for their states, as Gov. Bryant has done for Mississippi. As we have heard multiple times the aim of the Affordable Care Act is to provide affordable health care to every person. Before this law was passed some 45 million Americans had no health insurance, and therefore were a detriment to our health care system, as not having insurance did not keep them from getting sick. The cost of providing this care, mostly in the country’s emergency rooms, drives up the cost of medical care for everyone and the cost of health insurance for those who do have insurance coverage.

This was the problem the ACA set out to solve and a major component of this plan was to expand Medicaid for the poor who have no means of buying insurance coverage. The ACA has many features, but if allowed to work together the effect of the law is positive for everyone and costs are lowered.

Just as Republicans fought the implementation of Social Security and Medicare when these programs were introduced, and fight today what they call entitlements of all kinds or any increase in the minimum wage, they are fighting in every way they can the proper implementation of the Affordable Care Act in an effort to destroy it. They are fighting history and change, two un-winnable battles.

Bryant sees the problem that uncovered care causes the hospitals of this state, but his solution is beyond crazy.

Expanding Medicaid costs our state nothing and in the long run saves everyone money by balancing the cost of health care. But to take $4.4 million out of taxpayer money and giving it to hospitals hurts other programs and does almost nothing to solve the problems hospitals have. And worst of all it leaves tens of thousands of our poorest citizens without health care.

Bryant and other Republicans should not let their hatred for President Obama override the needs of the people of Mississippi. We all, rich and poor, deserve better than this.

Jim High



Tupelo needs to assess the direction it’s taking

Having very recently relocated to Tupelo from Marietta, Ga., two articles in the Nov. 3 Journal piqued our interest in the ongoing health of our newly adopted city.

“Views split on Tupelo neighborhoods”, front page describes blighted neighborhoods and the city’s role in their revitalization.

Article two, Business section, UAM, city shows no sign of agreement (re runway repairs).

Mayor Shelton’s goal to actively recruit businesses and industry to Tupelo is indeed a worthy one. Question for Mayor – What should the city do to actively and aggressively keep thriving businesses in the city?

Being new to Tupelo and with objective eyes I see a business, UAM, employer of 85 people (annual payroll of approximately $9 million) as a business Tupelo should fight tooth and nail to support and keep in our city.

I challenge the major and City Council along with its economic and redevelopment directors to merge the two goals of eliminating blight and attracting new business and equally important to focus on keeping profitable businesses here. It is cheaper to keep an existing customer than to recruit a new one.

The airport needs runway repairs at a cost of a million plus dollars. If repaired 85 people remain employed. If not repaired and UAM should cry breach of contract and leave, what then – another blighted area, this time in the business community?

Gary and Gloria Miller


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