Letters to the Editor: Dec. 13, 2013

djournal-letters-editorWhen will we regain our common sense?

I saw on Fox News where a 6-year-old, a first-grader, kissed the hand of a little girl, and he was suspended from school for alleged sexual harassment. Can you imagine, a 6-year-old?

If teachers want to do something good, then teach teenagers to dress with a moral attitude, starting with themselves.

Tell California movie-makers to stop showing all that sex, nudity and killings that they put in these movies today. A little goes a long way.

Add back to that getting people who make clothes to make decent ones again. We don’t need these low-cut tops that show the breasts. We don’t need these dresses that come all the way up to where you-know-what.

I don’t care how pretty you think you are, you don’t need to show every thing you have whether it’s in a bathing suit or clothes.

The other thing is for you who don’t like Christmas as a Santa Claus of fun or for Jesus Christ who is love: Leave our Christian heritage alone.

If you don’t like all of this, then take a trip out of town and/or shut your mouth.

Jesus Christ gave his life to prove that he loves us. Take it or leave it, and if you leave it, then don’t try to take it away from all of us who believe.

Juanita Horstman


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