Letters to the Editor: Dec. 15, 2013

djournal-letters-editorPope Francis applauded for historic teachings

My, my, my. What has happened to all those “orthodox” Catholics who, for the last 30 years or so, have tried to shove down the throats of the “unorthodox” Catholics everything that the last two popes ever said? What has happened to these same Catholics who labeled the “unorthodox” Catholics as “cafeteria” Catholics, picking and choosing which teachings they liked, didn’t like? There is not a scent of “cafeteriaism” among the orthodox Catholics, is there?

Could it be that Pope Francis’ teachings are disturbing the politics and economics of the right wing in the church? What could economics possibly have to do with Christian morality? After all, morality is only about sexual matters, right?

I have often wondered which is it: Is it my faith that shapes my politics or is it my politics that shapes my faith?

Pope Francis is not teaching anything that has not been taught by popes since Leo XIII in the 19th century. What is different about Francis is that he apparently intends to not only teach the social justice doctrine of the Catholic tradition but also live it. Like Jesus, however, Francis is inviting, not demanding, us in the church to follow him.

I have not had this much fun watching a pope and people’s reaction since John XXIII. If he has Rush mad, Francis must be doing something right. Long live Pope Francis!

Who was it that said Christians have a bad habit of defining Christianity in such a way as to include themselves while excluding others. What an insight!

Father Henry Shelton



Thorn, McAnally concert offers rare major talents

The BancorpSouth Arena has a mission statement that has two main missions. One is to grow revenue for the city. We are charged with attracting events that will fill restaurants and hotels before and after the event, as well as seats during the event. Our other mission is to provide events that will benefit the quality of life of our community. That mission is the most fun part of the job because those events are usually some of the best events we offer. We have an event coming in December that, I hope, will fulfill both of those missions.

We are hosting a concert Dec. 20 that will include Mac McAnally and Paul Thorn. These are two of the most accomplished singer/songwriters to ever come out of north Mississippi. Mac has been named the Musician of the Year at the Country Music Association Awards a record six times in a row and writes top ten hits at about the same rate as I pay my water and light bill. Paul Thorn has had one of the most interesting lives I know and he writes some of the most creative songs I have heard. He sings about Tupelo all over the world. But what makes this concert special is that these two know how to tell stories.

They are playing an intimate setting at the arena so there won’t be a bad seat in the house. It would be great for Tupelo and great for the artists if we fill every seat. I hope to see you there.

Scott Reed


BancorpSouth Arena Commission

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