Letters to the Editor: Feb. 16, 2014

djournal-letters-editorSen. Collins’ bill shows no thanks to workers

During the 2013 legislative session; Sen. Nancy Collins, (R), District 6, Lee and Pontotoc counties, introduced legislation giving Ricky Berry, executive director of the Department of Human Services, the authority to privatize any of its services to for-profit corporations. The language from Sen. Collins’ bill was adopted in HB 1009 and as a result profits before people succeeded without the support of any of the Democratic lawmakers.

Now here we go again, the 2014 legislative session has begun with her authoring SB2606 removing the due process rights of state employees under the State Personnel Board. This bill paves the way for state employees to be fired for a good reason, bad reason or no reason at all. Now Sen. Tindell, (R), District 49, Harrison County, has joined in this attack on state employees by introducing SB 2140. This bill states any member of the Public Employees Retirement System who begin receiving a retirement allowance on or after July 1, 2014, must be 65 years of age or older to be eligible to receive the annual cost of living payment. This bill overturns the promises that were made to workers.

Recently an article by the Associated Press featured the finding by the State Personnel Board that Mississippi state workers’ average salary lags behind the four surrounding states by $9,000. Why is it that these states can show their public workers consideration and the Mississippi Legislature with lawmakers like Collins and Tindell can’t?

The Mississippi Alliance of State Employees/CWA is hopeful that state employees are being listened to. It is time for state employees to make time to meet with their senators and representatives with the message that paying public workers for dedicated services rendered is a sign of good government at its best. They need to hear from you now!

Brenda Scott, President

Mississippi Alliance of State Employees/CWA


Oxford visitors thank Saltillo schools, police

The Oxford High School basketball teams, coaches and staff and Oxford High School officials thank the Saltillo High School administration and Saltillo Police Department for going above and beyond recently when we visited their school.

Recently the Oxford High School boys and girls basketball teams visited Saltillo for scheduled road games there. During the course of our time there, several Oxford students and fans had items stolen from our buses and in the basketball stands by burglars. As soon as the burglaries were brought to the attention of the Saltillo school officials and Saltillo Police Department, they acted immediately to apprehend the suspects. In fact, they caught the suspects before we returned home to Oxford.

The Saltillo High School administration and Saltillo Police Department should be commended for their valiant efforts to act quickly and make catching the suspects a priority. We cannot thank them enough for their willingness to help in this less than fortunate situation.

Coach Shayne Linzy

Head Varsity Girl’s Basketball Coach

Oxford High School

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