Letters to the Editor: Feb. 16, 2017

other_letters_editorReligious freedom is what made America great

Mississippi’s Attorney General Jim Hood should have agreed to defend that religious freedom law. Religious freedom is more precious than perversions. And religious freedom is what made America great. When religious freedom ceases, then America loses its soul.

Maybe the newly created legal status of homosexual rights makes it too late to save individual religious rights. Still, we can’t just stop fighting for religious freedom. As religious freedom is the right that makes life worth living.

Whoever runs against Attorney General Hood next time, you have my vote. However, I have never voted for him anyway.

Tim Holland


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    Mr Holland and all – religious / gay rights need not be mutually exclusive; this is a ‘choice’ one makes.
    Personally, I choose to promote the fact they are NOT mutually exclusive. Have a blessed day.

  • DWarren

    In my opinion, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood is a far Left radical Progressive Democrat whose DNC delegates booed, jeered, and shook their fists over reinserting a reference to “God” into their national platform in Charlotte in 2012 during a floor voice vote which the anti-God delegates obviously defeated but which was declared “passed” by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who was presiding from the podium. The Progressive Democrat Party’s twisted perverted concept of “religious freedom” is to abuse the law to eradicate Christianity from the public square in favor of atheistic humanism as the sole and only state sanctioned religion. Hood’s refusal to fulfill his constitutional duties to defend the religious liberty bill that protects Christians from persecution by lawsuits from homosexual activists who demand that Christians violate their Holy Bible guided conscience and acquiesce to participate in, condone, aid, and abet behavior Christians consider immoral is merely an additional example of a Progressive Democrat booing God; only this time at the state rather than the national level. Hood’s lack of action in defending a duly passed piece of legislation by Mississippi lawmakers also unveils the lie that local and state Progressive Democrats “aren’t like those national Democrats” for everyone to see. We now know beyond the shadow of a doubt that all Progressive Democrats are cut from the same antichristian cloth, march to the beat of the same antichristian drum, and dance gaily and frantically behind the same antichristian Pied Piper. Voters would have to be incredibly stupid to believe that local and state Progressive Democrats promote any agenda other than the radical far Left antichristian Progressive Democrat agenda crafted together by a majority of their adherents who boo God on the perverted principle of atheistic humanism at the core of a depraved promiscuous irreligious human cult idol lawlessness. A state should protect its citizens from a power hungry out-of-control overbearing and unconstitutional federal government wielding powers not granted to it by the U.S. Constitution, but as Mr. Hood ably demonstrates, there is no hope of such a state as long as Progressive Democrats hold elected office and make policy.