Letters to the Editor: Feb. 17, 2014

djournal-letters-editorNo catering to illegal immigrants in Tupelo

Illegal Hispanics catered to in Tupelo? I think not.

Most “illegal immigrants” work their butts off to find jobs. Most immigrants have degrees of some sort. My husband is a CPA, and a friend of ours is a teacher, but those are not acceptable over here with or without a green card. So they take jobs that most “legal” citizens think are not good enough. My stepfather is a roofer, and as most roofers know, if it’s raining or too cold, you can’t roof, so you need a job you can fall back on. And as far as the city and county police departments go, I have been pulled over on several occasions by both just because I had a Mexican in the truck with me. Once when I was in labor with our second child, I had to stand on the roadside while they searched our car. And twice he’s been slammed in the head of our truck in front of our kid and taken to jail under false pretenses. Now our 4-year-old daughter is terrified of police officers. And as for paying more for products/services, ha, we don’t. And most immigrants learn English before they come here.

Jennifer Beltran


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