Letters to the Editor: Feb. 19, 2014

Republicans in Congress inconsistent on spending

“What, me worry?” Those of us who are in our 60s and older will remember these words of Alfred E. Neuman, the mascot and cover boy for Mad magazine. Such an attitude can be attributed to today’s GOP. Amazingly, this Republican Congress is so concerned about spending issues, yet when their party resides in the White House and is in control of both House and Senate, we see the Neuman mind-set emerge.

Let’s step back a few years to the Bush/Cheney administration when we were dragged into Iraq through a myriad of lies; coupled with that came Afghanistan and we were handed a tab of $8 billion a month plus the loss of thousands in our military. By the way, has this debt been paid?

Also, have we forgotten the tax breaks awarded to the most affluent in our society?

When Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., ran for president in 2008, he stated that his own party spent like drunken sailors. Message here?

As the present commander-in-chief was taking his oath of office, Republicans were secretly gathered, discussing any means of obstruction possible. Would this sound like people who are willing to work with you ?

The Republican Congress has yet to pass a “jobs bill” but continues to scream, “Where are the jobs?” More than 7 million jobs have been created by this administration, no thanks to Congress. Through infrastructure, another 2 million could be created.

Congress abhors raising the minimum wage, though economics demonstrates that when people have more money, they tend to spend it. Imagine that. In other words, the economy benefits. Too bad the so-called geniuses in Congress can’t figure that out.

Kathy Fealhaber


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  • charlie


  • tom Neiman

    Typical leftist diatribe!

  • tom Neiman

    Here your are trying to blame Obama’s failures on Republicans in Congress, and worse on the previous administration! As for the 2 million jobs that have been created, where specifically have they been created?

    • TWBDB

      No she isn’t. She’s pointing out the failures of the GOP. Both Dems / Reps have to be targets in the critique game or the critique is nothing but BS. I’m sitting here listening to Ted Nugent calling Obama a ‘communist raised mongrel’ on network news, so a little tame critique from someone not extreme Far Right certainly should be palatable. If it isn’t, we really need to recheck our value system here in the good ole US of A.

      We can’t keep beating the drum beat of revolution and not expect to call it up eventually. Aren’t the scenes of violence from around the world enough?

      • tom Neiman

        So there’s no incivility from people on the left when it comes to attacking conservatives. What are the basic differences between the far right and the normal right or are those on the right just the “far right”?

        • TWBDB

          Of course there’s incivility from people on the left Tom: and yes there are attacks from the left toward conservatives just like there are attacks from the right toward liberals. The basic thing I see differentiating the Far Right from ‘normal’ conservatives, as you call them, tends to be the Far Right’s apparent inability to turn a critical eye upon themselves. Time and time again, they continue to lash out at people of differing views with offensive vehemence and when those being offended speak up in their own defense suddenly the Far Right (Christianity) is being attacked.

    • barney fife

      We are still paying for the Bush/Cheney debacle.
      The GOP has deteriorated into a party of fanatics and whack-nuts determined to thwart the Dems at every opportunity.

      • tom Neiman

        The Democrats are spending us into bankruptcy. There are sensible people in the Republican party who want to reign in government spending and entitlements. We will still be paying for Obama’s failed stimulus for years to come. Yet you want Obama’s failures on Bush and Cheney.