Letters to the Editor: Feb. 4, 2014

djournal-letters-editorObama’s record paints him as a strong centrist

I see that Tim Wildmon (Feb. 2) seeks to brand President Barack Obama a lame duck as quickly as possible. He is trying again to blunt the effects of an election his side could not win at the ballot box. The president’s opponents have tried to brand him a foreigner, a socialist, a racist, a communist, illegitimate for any number of reasons. These efforts have been rejected by an objective and informed populace. Now the charge is that Obama has a “king complex” and plans an “unconstitutional power grab.” This, too, will be rejected by Americans who know that there are things that must get done, and the legislative branch has proven itself gridlocked.

It is odd that Wildmon so fears the use of presidential powers by Obama. He had little to say about the Republican presidents who violated treaties, paroled war criminals, and ignored Congress in their own exercise of powers (read: “unconstitutional power grab”).

Obama was elected to manage the government, as was the Congress. The Congress has proven unable to act, in fact obstructing action via the filibuster, refusal to vote on nominations, and public posturing. So Obama has a choice – either resign himself to inaction, or use what powers the Constitution gives him to act where the can.

Wildmon finds interesting the criticisms from the “political left.” Indeed, this shows the president to be what American voters demonstrate they want – a moderate who wants to get America moving. The statistics bear it out, in the number of presidential executive orders issued by recent presidents: Reagan, 381; George H.W. Bush, 166; Clinton, 364; George W. Bush, 291; Obama, 147 (first term), 168 (total).

Not exactly “king complex” numbers. Facts, indeed, are stubborn things.

Tony Eldridge


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