Letters to the Editor: Feb. 5, 2014

djournal-letters-editorMosley sees Republicans as mean political ogres

I read with tongue in cheek Arvin Mosley’s Letter to the Editor in Sunday’s Daily Journal. Mr. Mosley always seems to have an opinion about anyone who doesn’t support liberals and their agenda. The object of his favorite target practice is something called a “Republican.” He seems to categorize anyone who disagrees with his philosophy as a “Republican.”

For years I have read his comments about pretty much anything concerning a “Republican.” He implies they have been responsible for everything bad that has befallen this country. Apparently something called a “Democrat” magically appears (Like Lucky Charms) and swoopes in about every eight years and saves the day from these mean old “Republicans”

His recent letter implied that Obama’s poll numbers that keep spiraling downward like a duck shot out the air isn’t indicative of the majority of the American people. This has to be George Bush’s fault. (Not the last one, the one from 20 years ago). After all, he was a “Republican.”

All of Mr. Mosley’s rhetoric aside, Obama got elected and re-elected because of “promising the world” to people and complacency by conservatives and mainstream Americans who have failed to turn out in the last two presidential elections. Those conservatives and mainstream Americans have now begun to wake up, see the mess this guy has gotten us into and have realized he is “executive ordering” the Constitution out of existence. This has helped to light a spark under the American people, including Democrats, Tea Party, and, yes those “Republicans.”

Mr. Mosley implies pollsters are manipulating the numbers by polling the wrong people. These “hateful groups” include pollsters like NBC, The New York Times, MSNBC, and all those other enemies of Obama. Yes, there is a bit of “tongue in cheek” sarcasm here because even Obama’s own private news services like the aforementioned can no longer explain the poll dropping other than to acknowledge “the party may be over.”

After unpopular events like Benghazi, unemployment, an unpopular socialized medicine program, and straight out lies to the American public, the people of this country have had it with Obama.

Michael “Tim” Long


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    What’s so different with your attitude about ‘liberals and their agenda’, Obama, ‘Democrats’, and ‘Obama’s own private news service’ ? You can’t have it both ways dude.

    It’s funny that we left of center folks are supposed to be so brainwashed by our media outlets and blinded by the glory of the Obama messiah, yet from the get-go we’ve been critical of the system and the leader, My critique of Obama on Obamacare centers on his willingness to bend to the Right Wing during the penning of the Affordable Health Care Act, his silence on the fact that the Tea Party has given insurance companies carte blanche to raise rates, throwing people off the plans, forcing seniors to remain in the workforce to be able to afford the rising costs of supplimental plans which don’t truly cover their needs, and all the same crap insurance companies have been doing for decades, except now they have the “excuse” of Obamacare.

    I don’t believe Obama or the Democrats are messiahs – – I disagree with many things they do and will be honest enough on a poll to express my displeasure – – but it doesn’t mean than I’ve been asleep or that I’m finally ‘waking up’ . It means that I’m tired of the status quo – – and that status quo includes the tired, tried and proven wrong, politics of the Tea Party.

    I can understand why MS citizens like the rhetoric of the Tea Party – they say what you want to hear: but I cannot for the life of me understand why the same skepticism of government and politicians MS is famous for isn’t aimed squarely at the ruling party in the state.

    The more we stay divided : the less we find common ground : the deeper the hurt to the economy and our country.

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