Letters to the Editor: Jan. 14, 2014

djournal-letters-editorPunishment seems unequal to ‘underwear’ bomber plot

My soapbox for today: underwear bomber.

A man who tried to blow up an airliner with a suicide bomb only got life in prison. He regrets not blowing the plane up and we let him live? He wants to kill himself, and Americans, so he can see HIS god, then let’s send him on his way. Don’t mollycoddle the murderer in training. He is up for an appeal, why? He admits to it. Send him on his way the way he wants to go, blow him up with the same type of bomb. Do not make our tax dollars keep the creep alive for the rest of his life. If he gets pardoned like our ex-governor did for a lot of convicted murderers, this bomber will try again and next time he might do it and kill more than all of the pardoned killed put together. Do you want to take a chance and be on that plane?

Let’s hope that one of the lifers in prison will shorten his life for us all. I believe in “Let the punishment fit the crime,” and this doesn’t even come close.

I could keep on, but I think that covers it, and I will step down now.

Steven Duvall



What shall we do about today’s media?

We watch TV commercials of new cars, showing how fast they can zoom through the streets, and we wonder why so many impressionable people are killed emulating the image.

We watch movies, TV and play video games of shooting, killing, horror, and we wonder why there is so much violence.

We go to movies and watch TV, and both are rife with promiscuous sex, and we wonder why this is happening in our world.

Radio is full of music with great melody, but X-rated lyrics.

I grew up in the ’30s and ’40s when much of this was not allowed or didn’t exist. Movies had censors. TV didn’t exist. Music was Frank Sinatra and Southern Blues.

Modern media can be so good, but also so bad. It is a powerful force on American lives.

We should do something about this.

Jean Kirk


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