Letters to the Editor: Jan. 17, 2014

djournal-letters-editorCochran’s record favors the rich in the nation

Sen. Thad Cochran will receive many votes because of all his “pork” goodies that he managed to bring home, like the un-needed gold-plated federal building in Jackson.

But, shouldn’t we consider other things that happened during his long career?

What about these many empty tax-payer built factory buildings all over our state, where friends,and neighbors once had jobs, helping support families? These are one of the senator’s babies! He had voted for and worked hard to pass NAFTA, the “Free Trade” treaty that devastated America’s manufacturing industry, sending millions of jobs to Asia. Since then, the senator has never seen a trade treaty that he didn’t like, voting yes on numerous occasions, helping his corporate friends, but not the state’s working people.

Also, he is strong on supporting “our Brave Troops” as long as they are on foreign “killing fields.” But, when a bill appeared that would help returning veterans find jobs, it received his no vote. He said the $1 billion cost, spread over 10 years, would be too expensive. Yet, earlier, he had voted to borrow hundreds of billions, in order to continue giving the super-wealthy, their “Junior” Bush tax-breaks, which they received, when “Junior” was vaporizing the surplus left by the Clinton administration.

And, he had also just voted to continue subsidizing big oil, one of the planet’s most profitable industries, with untold billions. The estate-tax was something that Cochran worked hard to eleminate, using as an excuse the Potomac propaganda, “The Tax is a hardship on Family Farms, and Small Businesses.” BULL! The only ones really helped, by getting rid of the tax, was a handful of his super-wealthy friends.

The most detrimental thing to good government is the mob of career politicians swarming Washington controlled by corporate lobbyists.

Lamar Wray


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  • charlie

    NAFTA only concerned Central America, Mexico, and Canada. NA is for North America. The CEO’s and stock holders sent the jobs to Asia. Don’t take my word for it, check it out your self.

  • barney fife

    The current Legislative Branch is absolutely the most detached and do-nothing but fight and then run for reelection group of elected officials in the history of this country. What have they accomplished between vacations and extended weekends? It matters not which side of the aisle one favors, not a one of them is earning the compensation and perks they’re drawing at the expense of the taxpayers.

    Now they’re all on vacation once again, patting themselves for having finally passed a budget – – while completely ignoring nearly 2 million unemployed who lost their meager compensation in December.

    Remember all the antics of the Legislative Branch when it comes time for election. They work FOR us — not the other way around. Have any of them clearly demonstrated that they’re worth rehiring? Think hard about that and express your answer in the voting booth.