Letters to the Editor: Jan. 19, 2014

djournal-letters-editorIsn’t it time for a new approach in ‘air service’?

Thanks for Dennis Seid’s excellent bit of reporting on the state of the “turbulence” in Tupelo’s air service, or shall we more accurately say, “disservice”. (DJ Jan 16th)

By continuing to want a functioning air service to the big city airports we are guilty of wasting a lot of money; federal, state and local. A ramp repair here, a runway extension there, a federal subsidy, too, and it adds up to millions every year. And, for what? How many individual people make up that number of “5,661 boardings”? In the face of this waste, why are we even thinking of continuing it? Tupelo is less than two hours by four-lane highway from the international air connection hub in Memphis. Would it not make more sense to provide comfortable bus service from Tupelo Regional Airport to Memphis? An aggressive bit of organizing might even establish a “ground-air link” affiliation with an airline so that baggage and security screening could be done at the Tupelo boarding and the bus service could be timed to connect with key air connections.

Benefits would be lower cost, perhaps even bargain specials with the airline, more reliable service, convenient and cheap airport parking and less hassle.

Do we have any people who would take on the challenge of giving Tupelo something it really needs instead of continuing to seek the glittering ring of an air service that we cannot afford to do right?

P.S. And from Memphis you can fly a comfortable airplane to Atlanta.

Bob Spencer



Illegal Hispanics catered to in Tupelo community

It has come to pass that we all must begin to think about the consequences of amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. The only constructive thing that Mississippi senators did in 2013 was vote against the amnesty bill. Most illegals are, of course, Hispanic. Legal citizens already experience difficulty in finding jobs in our stressed economy. Mississippi is the poorest state per capita with a high rate of unemployment, yet a large population of illegal Hispanics are living in our community. They are obviously working somewhere because employers couldn’t care less about the law barring hiring them.

Illegal Hispanics are catered to in our community, especially by certain religious factions and the previous Tupelo police chief. The Tupelo Police Department and Lee County sheriff do not do anything about illegals living in our communities.

I had to help pay my daughter’s monthly bills more than once in the past 12 months because her husband is a roofer and couldn’t get enough work due to roofing companies hiring illegals to do these jobs. Some illegals steal identities from citizens to get a false ID and driver’s license.

All of these things are wrong on many levels and a slap in the face to true law-abiding citizens. To be an American citizen you are required to learn English. Why then is most every product and service in English and Spanish? Consumers pay more for products because of this issue.

Some people argue that illegals come here for a better life. That is exactly what legal residents are struggling with now. There are many more issues and problems caused by illegal immigration that could be discussed but space is limited.

Amnesty will not stop illegal immigration. By the way, I am not against legal immigration.

Donald Stanford