Letters to the Editor: Jan. 2, 2014

djournal-letters-editorLegislature, Congress members are self-serving

Tell your representatives and Congress men and women how you appreciate their hard work in an air-conditioned building, wearing expensive suits and dresses, sitting in easy chairs, and thinking of ways to pad their pockets.

One way to make more money (as they already know) is to drag their feet on some important matters and go into “special sessions.”

They make laws for us to abide by but not laws for themselves. One of our state representatives who was accused of wrongdoing says he will not give up his seat! Where is he now? We should be able to fire someone in office like that – not just vote them out!

Congress wants to cut out the cost of living raises for our retired military men and women. Have they lost their senses? Officials always are wanting to cut Medicaid and Medicare and food stamps and now our military cost-of-living raises, but nothing is ever said about cutting their high salaries!

I would like to give Congress their yearly raise like they do for us on Social Security – 1.5 percent – and see how they would like that!

I would like to bring home all of our men and women who are fighting and dying for our great country, and send all of Congress and the Supreme Court men and women to the front lines in Afghanistan! Then see how many countries they would be fighting!

Statistics show that only 20 percent of Congress has served their country in the military!

Think about it.

Harold Hopkins