Letters to the Editor: Jan. 26, 2014

djournal-letters-editorFly to Memphis; solve air service declines

In reference to the article on Jan. 16, “Tupelo Air Service Hits Turbulence”: When will Josh Abramson and the powers that be in Tupelo realize Tupelo needs service to Memphis?

North Mississippi is so fortunate that Toyota has chosen us for their plant and subsidiary business partners. Why do we continue forcing businessmen/women coming and going with regard to Toyota as well as other businesses in our area to fly to Atlanta when most (particularly Toyota people) need to go west, not east? (Japan is west.) The figures given in the article showing such a decline in flights says it all.

We are driving to Memphis. We do not want to fly to Atlanta, wait long periods of time for connecting flights when our time is valuable to our businesses, thus again, we drive to Memphis. Get it? Tupelo powers that be are always promoting growth for Tupelo and we need air service to match the needs of that growth. This is not about Silver Airways although they certainly lack serviceability.

Lee Duckworth



Make prisoners work and pay for debts and their kids

I read the H&H (Hull and Holliday), and it is revealing. The statement by Hull, “We agree on what our problems are, but we are far apart on how to fix them,” is so true. He is asking for more money and I would like to have more of my money to spend instead of paying taxes for programs that have a history of failure.

The harsh reality is that the same schools turn out quality students and those that fail.

Productive citizens are supporting their own families, purchasing homes, planning for their retirement and for higher education for their children. It seems unfair that we must also pay for inmates in Parchman and support a growing welfare population. The compassion Hull touts is spelled “enabling.”

Larry Elder, a black personality, writes: “This brings us back to the welfare state. Although blacks make up a substantial percentage of the welfare recipients, most welfare recipients are not black.” But the issue is not the race of the welfare recipients, but whether the welfare state encourages dependency and thus makes the situation worse.

In 1960s out of wedlock births accounted for 2 percent of white births and 22 percent of black births. By 1994 the rates had soared to 25 percent white births and 70 percent black births. Women learned they could “marry the government” making a fifth wheel out of the biological fathers. This huge number of children without involved fathers underlies nearly every major problem in America – bad schools, crime and unemployment. Caring loving parents remain the greatest factor in creating a self-reliant, upwardly mobile, confident adult.

Compel these absentee fathers to pay child support. Compel inmates in prison to pay for their support. How can we do this? Set up a variety of manufacturing plans in the prison. Pay these prisoners wages with incentives for productivity. Take a portion of their income to pay for their living expenses. Take more to reimburse victims of crime for their loss. Take more for support of their children. You will be released when you have paid your debts.

If some think this is harsh or unfair, consider that the average working adult faces an ever increasing tax burden because he/she is not only supporting a family but is supporting the irresponsible as well.

Ken Pickens


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    Lee, Memphis was a terrific hub under the direction of Northwest: Delta ruined that. Direct flights West from Memphis are extremely limited. Most require a lay-over in Atlanta, Salt Lake, etc. I do believe there are direct flights to LA from Memphis – from where a Japanese businessman can connect to a trans-PAC flight. But stopping off or going to the PAC NW or most other Western destinations from Memphis is a pain. Tupelo, and other smaller airports should get together with Memphis to sue Delta for their going back on their promise to keep the Memphis hub viable.