Letters to the Editor: June 18, 2014

other_letters_editorMcDaniel represents the Republican future

We need Chris McDaniel as our new Republican candidate. McDaniel is the conservative champion who represents the future of the Republican Party both in Mississippi and nationally.

This is the Tea Party’s best chance to defeat an incumbent who after 42 years in Congress has been for big spending and funding Obamacare.

All of the money and position in the world don’t resonate with an electorate that is fed up with a Washington establishment that has abandoned conservative principles.

Rumor is if Cochran is elected, he will retire soon or within two years. Since former Gov. Haley Barbour is standing firm behind him with his influence and money, again rumor has it Barbour might be appointed in his place. (Haley Barbour, a once respected Mississippi governor whose term ended up in disgrace to Mississippi.)

Cochran was invited by the Tupelo Tea Party to debate McDaniel, but it never happened. Cochran recently admitted he doesn’t know anything about the Tea Party.

I think the Daily Journal is biased toward Cochran, but it needs to remain neutral, fair and balanced.

The government is working hard to take control of everything in our lives. Take time to vote Tuesday and help make a difference. This is a step in taking America back. Your future, that of your children, grandchildren, and the future of our country depends on this election more than ever before. It doesn’t take money to win; it takes votes!

Sue Sample-Martz

Palmetto community

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  • Mary Turner

    Well said, Due. Thanks for being concise, not calling names and spitting out vitriol! I appreciate your stand and your using your real name. The liberal attackers and name callers hide behind false names. Fight on to V Day June 24th. Daughter of Liberty! We can take back this country. Silent long enough!

    • TWBDB

      When has the conservative arm of politics ever been silent in the USA ? Ever lacked influence ? Ever not been in the majority of the electorate ? Can you provide a timeline please ? I too appreciate someone not calling names and spitting out vitriol. Let’s see how long that last. And again, here comes this ‘name’ thing again – from ‘Guest’ no less.

  • Mary Turner

    Well said, Sue. Thanks for being concise, not calling names and spitting out vitriol! I appreciate your stand and your using your real name. Some hide behind false names. Fight on to V Day June 24th. Daughter of Liberty! We can take back this country. Silent long enough!

    • Thile

      Yep, McDaniel’s gonna fight for liberty! That’s why his signature legislation in the state senate was giving the MHSAA the ability to impose fines. Taking back our country, a couple hundred bucks at a time!

      • Jack Makokov

        Schools can be fined–but the whack officiating in football and basketball are okay? Heck, that’s being soft on crime!

      • Todd

        Not sure what his Legislation said but MHSAA already imposes fines….miss getting your rooster into them on time and it’s a $50 fine or $100 fine, allow an ineligible player play a game…$100…do it twice $500 and probation…

  • 1941641

    Whatever Sen. Cochran does not know about the Kotch financed Mc Daniel Tea Party crowd/campaign, his supporters across Mississippi do know and, in considerable detail, (some facts concerning the “nursing home entry” are pending public announcements.) Consequently, a public debate between the two candidates seems to me is totally unnecessary and, in fact, a violation of the “Austerity” agenda held in such high esteem by the Tea Party Cult of America its self!

    Does Mc Daniel think he is any better a man that Thad Cochran, any better qualified to be senator? I’d have to say that would all be just a Chris Mc Daniel’ pipe dream!

    In short, as one well-known Tupeloan recently said: McDaniels politics are “Twisted Logic.”

    • Mary Turner

      I would listen to your argument if you were man or woman enough to sign your real name to your post! That would be a pipe dream!

      • 1941641

        Well bless your heart Mary Turner. I use to know a Mary Turner from right here in Lee Co. Me, I’m a male, Mary. Also, I’m a Liberal. I’m a Secularist. I’m a Rationalist, I’m White, I’m a Mississippian and, most of all, I’m real. I am a real enemy of the Tea Party Scourge that has found its way into Mississippi in the name of Chris Mc Daniel.
        I’m damn proud of who I am. If the code name 1941641 bothers you I’m not at all sorry about it. As I look at it, It’s all the result of the Tea Party’s “Twisted Logic”!

        Have a good evening, Mary Tuner.

      • FrereJocques

        There are those of us who could face physical reprisals if our identity was known. Anything from physical assault to job loss. And don’t say it doesn’t happen. Look at the guy who was fired from Lee County Water Co. for being a whistleblower. And THAT is actually illegal. I have posted here and stated my opinions long enough that I believe I’ve convinced folks that I am not a troll. So why do you want to know my name so bad? The only reason I can think of is to cause me grief if you can.

        It’s always easy to come out and let it be known who you are when you’re in the majority. As for me, I look back in History and see that our Founding Fathers published anonymously. So I’m in good company.

        • Ells Worth

          I find it a little conflicting that you claim to be in the majority in Mississippi with your views and life style, yet you give up credibility by hiding. Of course I take what you say with a grain of salt because of your hidden identity. The important papers regarding our founding fathers was not written anonymously.
          I did not realize you were publishing when you make comments here. the only reason o hide here is because of your shame of your views. At least that is the way you are perceived.
          It is kind of asinine to try to advise us about republican candidates since you hate both people.
          You and number head have the twisted logic. A person proud of their liberalism is ineffective as anonymous.

          • TWBDB

            Ms Turner and Mr Worth, I actually find it suspect that you’re making such an issue of self-identity on an online discussion group. Its a trivial matter to make up a name. Ells Worth and Mary Turner might as well be Donald and Daisy Duck in this context. It is your ideas, your life experience, and contribution to the debate that I find interesting; I could care less who you are. To 1941641’s point, there have been threats of physical violence made on these boards threw the years, some of which were actually carried out. So may I suggest if someone chooses to remain anonymous, that is their decision and you should respect it. I do not believe you would choose to associate yourself with those who’ve forced this issue in the past.