Letters to the Editor: June 9, 2014

other_letters_editorWhat would be changed were the Constitution written now?

What if our Constitution was written today, not in 1787 (227 years ago)?

I wonder what it would say. It was ratified in September, 1788, in a world of written (pen and ink) criticisms. Today, CNN, FOX, Jon Stewart, tweets, Facebook, MSNBC, EXXON, Bank of America, and born-again Christians would have all weighed in.

Even I would have commented through my newly-found “skill” of texting. I am not sure that it would have ever been completed! Perhaps it was simpler then. Perhaps then one thought before speaking (texting, tweeting, email), knowing that you were responsible for your words, and for the future.

I challenge all: Read the Constitution, our Constitution, and think, “What if our Constitution was written today, not in 1787.”

What would you change, and why?

Well, so far, no answers. Interesting. Are there no thinkers? Democrats, Republicans, or other fanatical leaders?

Let me tickle your mind. The Constitution, 1787, and the Declaration of Independence, 1776, were written to be the God all-full Gospel for the rest of eternity. True, false? Just a question, of course. How would you answer this question? I think, if we are man, we would be sure that the rights of man, as described by, well, who, really? Just what are the rights of man? Do you know? If yes, why do you know? Who said man had any rights at all? And, whoever said it, well, what right did he have to say it?

What law said Putin could not overwhelm the Ukraine? Who said Hitler could not take over the Sudentenland? No one, of course.

Why do I think we have been here before?

Fritz Crytzer



Sex-obsessed men pose problems for today’s women

I really hate to have to disagree with Sheena Barnett in her column on May 27, as I can already hear the howls of indignation from the feminists.

However, scientific research has concluded that the average man thinks about sex every 15 seconds. This leads me to use my common sense and determine that revealing, provocative attire by women in public can, and too often does, lead to trouble particularly in this day and time when self-indulgence, sexual or otherwise, is being glorified and promoted by legions of hawkers of lawlessness for a buck in every medium.

To encourage women to “let it all hang out” is irresponsible, dangerous and just plain wrong.

Ilona Bauer


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    “The Constitution, 1787, and the Declaration of Independence, 1776, were
    written to be the God all-full Gospel for the rest of eternity. True,
    false? ” FALSE

    These documents were written by brave and valiant men at the infancy of our nation. Unquestionably, they hold values dear to all US citizens. However, the documents were written, submitted, and approved by people more than two centuries ago with the knowledge and foresight they possessed at the time based upon the experiences they had at the time. As wonderfully written and insightful as they are, do we even then see the rights of ‘ALL’ US peoples represented, NO.

    It is idiocy to expect these guidelines to remain unchanged as our nation matures in experience and foresight. It is imperative that people of ‘ALL’ stripes contribute their experience and knowledge to the discussion to the evolution of an even greater nation.


    Ms Bauer, I wonder if it is time for a discussion about sex obsessed women?

  • the_rocket

    So, you really believe that guys think about sex every 15 seconds? That’s 4 times a minute, 240 times a hour, 3840 times in a 16 hour day. Sounds pretty crazy when you say it out loud, doesn’t it?
    Almost as crazy as you blaming women for men who can’t control those urges.

  • FrereJocques

    This is not a logical question. Constitutions are usually written when a nation is first formed, not 250 years after. But if our Constitution were to be RE-WRITTEN today, it definitely would not be the same document. And for one primary reason: Our original Constitution was written by honest, principled men. We have very few of those today, and they are not the ones in power.

    Every special-interest group in the nation would be vying to insert their own language into it. Since many of these groups do not believe in civil rights for others, or even freedom of conscience, our nation would quickly become a dictatorship, not to mention a third-world country.