Letters to the Editor: March 11, 2014

other_letters_editorCigar smoking feature had no health warning

I was surprised (and frankly disppointed) in the Daily Journal when I read the large feature article in Sunday’s paper (March 9) promoting and extolling a cigar club here in Tupelo.

With all the emphasis the paper places on Health and Wellness, to glamorize an organization that sees virtue in smoking is hard for me to rationalize with your other wellness policies. Cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus and lungs have all been linked to smoking. Cigars offer no exception. How can this be justified as a leisure pleasure?

Jo Miller Orr



Senate amendments seen helping special needs bills

House Bill 765 and Senate Bill 2325 have been passed by their respective Houses of the Legislature. As of March 4, The Equal Opportunity for Students with Specials Needs Act was vastly improved with Senate amendments.

Just Advocacy of Mississippi (JAM) encourages local legislators to add their support as we believe strongly, along with many disability and educational advocates, as well as families that parents of students with special educational needs require an alternative,customized,education program for their children in Mississippi.

The bills empower parents of students who have active Intellectual Educational Plans (IEP) to choose the best approach to educating their children with no funds coming from school districts or MAEP. Many improvements to the bill have been made already, however, we believe the bills can be further perfected and we strongly support the bill moving forward through the legislative process.

The advocacy and disability communities consisting of parents, students and educators are at the table and working together to perfect this must-pass legislation. There is an ongoing good faith effort by the overwhelming majority of affected stakeholders to create a transparent, effective and accountable pilot program to provide best practice educational alternatives and relief to children with disabilities and their parents.

Please contact your local representatives and ask them to support these much needed measures. Our students and parents need a solution now.

Mary Troupe

Just Advocacy of Mississippi


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  • Ells Worth

    Jo Miller Orr is so typical with a big problem in America. The article in the paper did not expose anyone to cigar smoke. Yet activist want to limit people’s freedoms with silly speeches. As long as no one is blowing smoke in your face, you have no reason to complain.you are not required to attend club meetings. I do not smoke, I do not drink, I am not a vegan. People have the right to their activities as long as no one else is injured..