Letters to the Editor: March 19, 2014

other_letters_editorFluoridation proven safe and effective

The factual errors in Chad Scott’s letter are too numerous to refute in this simple letter. The pros and cons of water fluoridation have been debated since the middle of the last century.

At this time, fluoridation is approved as safe and effective by the FDA, CDC, ADA and all manner of other professional organizations.

However, if a dentist tries to refute the errors in his letter, the reader will always suspect the dentist is doing so for personal gain. The fact is that a dentist makes very little money applying topical fluoride in the office (not what Mr. Scott is concerned about) and the addition of fluoride in public water systems is a tremendous benefit reducing caries (cavities) for the general public who may or may not visit a dentist regularly. Fluoridated community water systems actually reduce the amount of dental treatment needed for the lifetime of the recipient.

So this is a net loser for the dentist. But sadly the dental profession gets little or no credit for promoting fluoridation as a fantastic benefit to children and adults from a medical/dental perspective.

If Mr. Scott is so against the fluoridation of the West Point water system, he has the option to buy and drink non-fluoridated bottled water. But don’t let his influence keep those who cannot afford to buy bottled water from receiving the scientifically proven benefits of consuming fluoridated city drinking water.

Richard Warriner, DDS (retired)



Thomas welcomed back for her column writing

Many thanks to the Daily Journal for once again bringing back to the pages of the newspaper the excellent writing talent of Mary Thomas. I enjoyed her columns in the past, especially one series in which she told the story of a baby girl’s growth and development during the child’s first year. The baby was beautiful, and it was a lovely story to follow.

Mary has again struck a chord with me in the past week when she wrote about a husband who left small screws and other items lying around the house in obvious places with the idea that at some time in the distant future he might use them.

I look forward to all of your local writers for example, the Earth Lady, Marty Russell and Rheta G. Johnson, and to your national and state contributors we well.

Frances Sheffield


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