Letters to the Editor: March 23, 2014

other_letters_editorTeachers and all state employees of Mississippi deserve a pay raise

I feel that teachers definitely do deserve a pay raise. However, I myself have worked for the state for many years and feel that other state employees also deserve a pay raise. Those of us who are not teachers have waited for a raise just as long as the teachers. I have only heard of one legislator trying to get pay raises for all state employees.

I work for DHS. My job is to make sure the children of the state are safe and have their needs met. What about other state employees such as those who work for the Mississippi Department of Transportation? If they do not keep our roads safe, children will not be able to go to school. What about the dedicated folks who make sure those children with mental health problems get the help they need so they can attend school and not cause a distraction to other students while at school? The list is endless.

I do not appreciate feeling that my job is somehow not as important. I feel that we all work together to keep our children safe and cared for so they can attend school. If I and my fellow state employees are ignored while the legislators are discussing pay raises in Jackson, I will definitely ignore those legislators when they attempt to be re-elected.

Cynthia Duke



Increase frequency of recycling pick-ups to match trash collection

One of the best services Tupelo provides for the city, state, county and earth is its recycling pick-up service.

I live in east Tupelo where the service is provided twice a month. Regular garbage service is twice every week.

With little effort it became apparent that the small open recycling containers were much too small for even casual recyclers. I was among the first to reserve the larger container with a lid and got more intentional about using the service.

It was soon after that I realized that about 70 percent of my trash was recyclable and that the large container with the lid was not large enough for a twice a month pickup. At the same time, the regular trash can would often contain only one bag.

It appears to me that I, the city, state, county and earth would be better served if there was one recycling and one regular garbage pick-up each week and/or something more than two recycling pick-ups each month.

Maurice Smith


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  • Ells Worth

    When it comes to pay raises for teachers and state workers, it is hard for the average worker that pays these salaries to be willing to give pay raises to people already making more than the average tax payer. I am all for teachers getting a raise because I have children, as well as neices and nephews that teach. Somehow,I suspect Ms Duke is paid nore than a comparable industrial worker. A job is more than a pay check, health care, more vacation days and early retirement with very nice pensions compared to social security retirees.