Letters to the Editor: March 25, 2014

other_letters_editorRussell’s science lacks final proofs in evidence

This letter is in response to Marty Russell’s column on Feb. 26. In the article, Russell seems to take shots at the neanderthalish, knuckle dragging, cro-magnon Bible believers who would dare to question academia and secular scientists on certain scientific issues (age of the earth, origins, dinosaur fossils, etc.).

Russell seems to want to lump anyone who takes other positions on these issues as uneducated. He cited the nine-question basic science quiz conducted by the National Science Foundation as evidence. Russell bemoaned the fact that most respondents barely passed. I agree with Russell on the fact that one in four Americans believe the sun revolves around the earth. This is indeed scary. But three of the questions dealt with the Big Bang and evolution.

In these three questions, the answer is already clearly implied. The only correct answers to these questions lean very heavily on the humanistic/evolutionary view of origins. So if a responder questions the answers of the educated scientists you have already missed three of the 10 questions, which put the score at 70 percent, which brings us to the average of 6.5 correct out of nine questions. On the other hand, the other six questions are truly scientific. These topics (genetics, microbiology, physical science, etc.) have been observed and tested. Evolution, Big Bang and the age of the earth have not and cannot be observed and tested thus are not proven science, as is the same with creation science. Neither side can prove their “science.” Just offer evidence. Both sides use a lot of the same evidence, just different interpretations.

As much as it appears to Russell that others who question man’s “theories” must be uneducated there is just as much science for the other side. Yes, there are real creation scientists with real degrees in various sciences. Russell, with all due respect, is entitled to his views and opinions, but I find it unprofessional to paint other views as “uneducated.” I thought in today’s culture “diversity” was a good thing. I guess only when it is convenient.

Kris Butler


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    Well one question dealt with big bang / creation science : all one in the same to me: couldn’t God have created the world in a big bang? ) Another dealt with evolution : in this case, I don’t think the question was phrased very well, as the evidence is clear humans evolved from earlier humanoids, evolution from other animal species is but a theory. So that gives us 80%. The third is about continental drift and asks if the continents have been moving for ‘millions’ of years – – not quite certain why this is in conflict with Biblical teaching myself.