Letters to the Editor: March 4, 2014

other_letters_editorMilitary cuts should not include fewer personnel

It amazes me to hear how stupid some of our policy makers in Washington can be. Yes, our government needs to cut spending and it needs to start now; but, the military is not the place to start. Especially, by cutting personnel and needed equipment. Note, I said needed. It is not right for a soldier to be deployed eight, 10, or more times. It does not take a very smart person to understand that each deployment will increase the soldier’s chances of coming home either dead or wounded. And, it is not like the potential conflict between North Korea and Iran has suddenly ended. Yet, these policy makers want to cut personnel and equipment from our active military and even the National Guard units.

I agree that cuts can be made in military spending; but, not in personnel. What about jobs for the ones who get cut? Is it not better to pay a salary to serve rather than to pay unemployment or welfare? Excess can be reduced by having each major purchase of equipment be justified before money is spent. Excess personnel in certain grades can be reduced by attrition. Example: we have more admirals in the Navy than we have ships. I suggest the place to start cuts is by reducing the size of government.

Earnest F. (Dee) Streit



Appreciation expressed for Hispanic workers here

Regarding the article about catering to illegal immigrants in Tupelo in The Daily Journal on Feb. 17. I so agree with Jennifer Beltran’s comments. Coming from Southern California I know personally how hard working in the Hispanic community is. They take the jobs everyone else thinks is beneath them. They are loyal to their employers, their families and their communities. This country is made up of immigrants. All of us have ancestors who came from other countries to better themselves and appreciated the work they found here, being most of the time hard labor. That is what this country is built on, hard work! Appreciate those who are willing to work for whatever monies they can (most often underpaid) realizing there are so many who are unwilling to work and milk the system.

Sam Croft