Letters to the Editor: March 9, 2014

other_letters_editorOffending cartoon draws reader’s ire and questions

I wonder what is the meaning of the cartoon of Wed., Feb. 19, quoting John Kerry as criticizing “climate change deniers” saying, “We don’t have time for a meeting…of the Flat Earth Society.”

Contrary to the politically correct view that the issue of global warming is settled, it is not. All you have to do is go to Amazon.com and type in “global warming hoax” to see this. Another way to verify that the issue is not settled is to look for articles online by credentialed scientists, rather than the non-credentialed members of the UN’s IPCC, International Panel on Climate Change. For example, David Weinstein’s article at http://noconsensus.wordpress.com/2009/05/21/disproving-the-anthropogenic-global-warming-agw-problem/ is a beginning. Your own opinion writers have debunked global warming, for example Cal Thomas, June 4, 2010, wrote on “Sinking Climate Change.”

I will still take the Journal. At least the comics page, the Wednesday grocery coupons, and the obits won’t insult my intelligence. Also, I know you have readers who chuckled at the offending political cartoon and who will vote Democrat, and you have got to keep them happy. Please remember, though, that there are other readers for whom you lose credibility every time you publish something so far to the idiot left.

Wallace Cason



Minor erred in citing Gentry’s publication

In a recent column in the Journal and other newspapers, Mississippi columnist Bill Minor graciously wrote about me and my new book, “Under Fire At Ole Miss,” published under the woodlord label by Ebooks-UK.com, the British publisher who also published my first book, “At the Foot of the Southern Cross, An American Editor Offshore in The Cayman Islands.”

I don’t believe Mr. Minor was greatly impressed by my book, but that’s his right. What did offend me was that he called it “self-published.” That’s untrue and immaterial to most, but it is important to writers, book stores and egos.

This book took seven years of research and writing. It is a unique picture of the riot which you won’t find anywhere else. To sample it, go to HottyToddy.com and read my recent column about the “charge” against the Marshals that night by Maj. Gen. Edwin Walker. The late Jack Bowles of Tupelo and I were marching right along beside him.

Dick Gentry


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