Letters to the Editor: Nov. 17, 2013

Remember donating life through gift of organs

Concerning stewardship. How many times have you heard that we are just caretakers of what God has given to us? And, if we are good stewards, we take care of all that God gives. We’re told that everything we have, big or small, comes from God who entrusts us with the responsibility of being good stewards.

At the church I attend and at many other area churches, November is designated as stewardship month. Our sermons highlight personal testimonies from individuals who have found that being a good steward is worth every effort put into it.

However, there is an area of stewardship that some never think about until it is too late. It is the stewardship of life itself.

It’s obvious that the things we do on a daily basis is extremely important, but what about our stewardship of life at the time of death and how is that possible?

Stewardship of life upon death is possible through organ, tissue and eye donation.

November also has the designation of being recognized as the National Donor Sabbath. I encourage everyone to consider adding “the stewardship of life even in death” to your faith.

The next time you renew your driver’s license, make sure the DMV clerk indicates you want to be a donor by putting a red heart on your license.

If the heart is not there, register on line at www.DonateLifeMs.org to make sure you are listed on the donor registry. Of you can call the Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency office at (662) 841-1960.

Psalm 139:16 says you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Please don’t throw away something that can give life to another. Being a good steward at the time of death is just as important as the use of any talent or ability God has given you.

What better way to express your love to the one who died for you, than to give the gift of life to someone else in need.

Ron Waterman



All should assist in helping the poor

We are on the bottom in poverty, obesity, and teenage pregnancies. It would take a lot of planning but we could improve our state tremendously.

Farmers and home economists could work together to find land, seed companies could provide seeds or fertilizer, gas companies could provide diesel,, and people on Social Security who are able could help pick the food that’s grown on the land that’s made available. Any food left over could be sold to the public and then use the money to supply community centers and churches with items food stamps won’t buy. If you can barely pay bills you can’t afford the gym if the doctors say you need to exercise.

Exercise equipment could be donated to places so overweight people could lose weight.

We should build houses for the homeless first.

We could be the All-Amerca state if all 82 counties planned a program to implement this.

Peggy and John Wildman


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